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    so is it Shalrath or Vore?

    so is it Scraag or Wizard?


    I say it's Vore and Wizard because I played 1 player back in the day.

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    Vore and Scrag.

    Did you draw those pictures?!


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      Nope, Google Image


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        Hehe, Nice. Maybe someone could retexture...? the vores with a skin similar to that or something. Would look bloody awesome!


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          "Shalrath" and "Wizard" are merely names in the code. They aren't really their official names.

          Same goes for "Dog", "Army", "Oldone", "Tarbaby", "Hell Knight", "Demon", "Fish", and "Boss". (probably


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            Shalrath does sound a lot cooler though...


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              Shalrath sounds cooler, but its the only one that does. Im either/or with that one. The rest though, definitely go by the manual, Rottweiler sounds scarier then Dog, and Fiend is, though still generic, much less generic than Demon. Nevermind "Boss" as Cheapy pointed out.
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                according to my ORIGINAL (hah,yes I own the original Quake booklet,isnt that so leet !)

                Death Knight

                After closely examining my LEET original Quake booklet (came with my original QuakeCD,which I still own,but its mutilated beyond use.ScratchCity HAH)

                the SNG is referred to as a Perforator and the LG is referred to as the Thunderbolt

                HAHA Check this out
                Cheat Codes : ID Software , as in our previous games,has removed all all cheat codes from Quake. buncha lying bastards
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                  Mind; Ive got 3 Quake manuals myself (as Ive got 3 copies of the game).

                  But yes, I still find myself calling the SNG a Perforator, but sometimes people dont know what Im talking about.

                  Technically Quake doesnt have any cheat codes, as the console exists in more of a technical/developer status, and all youre doing is issuing commands... Now in Doom you were typing things like iddqd (id - Delta Q Delta which was Dave Taylor's old fraternity) for god mode, or idkfa (Keys Full Ammo or Killer Fucking Arsenal) or idspispopd (Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris). These to me are more of codes than what Quake and future games have.
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                    Shalrath is a half-Lovecraft half-out-of-butt mashup of names, that I believe is cooler than Vore (NO idea why they changed it for the polished release)

                    Wizard I believe was straight out of Lovecraft, or one of the other guys who wrote the same mythos. I also prefer to call them Wizards, but it's also fun that scrag is used as a verb (you were scragged by a scrag )

                    I greatly prefer tarbaby to spawn for whatever reason. The Death knight/hell knight discrepancy, who cares. Fish/rotfish? Rotfish. Army/soldier/grunt? Grunt. Fiend/demon? Who cares. Shambler/Shambler? SHAMBLER!

                    scar3crow, don't say you prefer Spawn to Tarbaby!

                    BTW, I only have one of the original Quake manuals It looks bigger than it is because it's in like 5 languages (so we can hear id maintain they are not Satanists in 5 different languages ) Also have the Readme booklet, and the jewel case. But the box itself was lost not long after I got it (my mom must have thrown it out, she never got why people keep game boxes)


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                      I go with Spawn because I grew up hearing the phrase tarbaby only in a racist sense, so it is slightly strange to me to hear it used in game, though it does resemble living tar.

                      Scrag wins because it can be verbed, yes.
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                        Verbing weirds language, but it's always a plus.


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                          vore and wizard


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                            Originally posted by peppe
                            vore and wizard


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                              vore and scrag.

                              "Player was scragged by a scrag."
                              whats better than that?

                              and shalrath sounds like an article of clothing.