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  • Quakecast Episode Thread

    Going to post each episode in one thread starting with #32 Jehar
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    Hi DDS,

    Thanks for posting the Quakecasts, it's good to see signs of the community sparking back in to life .
    I'm just curious but do you have any plans to feature people like Baker, Rook, Polarite, Peg, Slot, Sole, Phenom, Mindz, Talisa, Seven, SOC, or Frenzy in the near future?
    It's just my humble opinion, but these guys (and girl ) have been great contributors to this community for quite a number of years rceiving very little in return and it might be interesting to hear their perspectives on Quake, their own views on the things they and their peers have produced, and their hopes and plans for the future of the game.

    In any event, keep the podcasts coming.

    Kind regards
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      Hi Monty. Baker is MIA but I'd love to have him on. I will reach out to Rook. Sadly I don't know the others (except Talisa) but happy to have them as guests - have them reach out to me here or send me a PM with contact info. Oh and SOC meaning Sock?
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        New episodes of the Quakecast

        Qmaster (master mapper and modder)

        Andrew Hulshult FPS composer
        Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels


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          PuLSaR Interview

          Secret Level - Quake fandom & my custom levels