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Soundtrack mod for "Dimension of the Machine" (WIP)

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  • Soundtrack mod for "Dimension of the Machine" (WIP)

    So, in a nutshell, I had a blast playing through MachineGames's new solo episode (although I actually played it in co-op) and when I noticed it didn't have a unique soundtrack of its own, I thought making one for it would be a fun project.

    The idea is to combine the discordant atmospherics of the original NIN CD tracks with some of the riff-focused energy from the Scourge of Armagon/Dissolution of Eternity songs. There's a bigger emphasis on guitar because I've been trying to immerse myself in that instrument for a few years now, and also because two of the big atmospheric ideas here are distortion and noise, which are both things that tend to work better with a guitar than with most other instruments.
    There's also a lot of experimental weirdness going on in here, because with Quake already having such a great soundtrack to fall back on, there's not as much need to fear failure. I've even been experimenting with atmospheric vocals -- where the sound of the voices is more important than what they're singing or saying or screaming -- on some of the tracks. Those will only be on an alternate take of the soundtrack, though, so you won't hear them in the preview tracks that I'm posting. They exist mainly for those really adventurous listeners, and the idea behind them is to make the music feel even more disturbingly inhuman

    And, now that you have an idea what to expect, let's get to some of the stuff you will be expecting! These two tracks kinda fall on opposite ends of the ambience --> heavy/rock spectrum. Most of the other tracks I've done so far fit somewhere in between, so I thought the best way to encompass it all would be to give you a taste of the extremes.

    Rot Engine
    Yaguarund [instrumental mix]

    I still have a couple more tracks to write and finalize before this thing is ready for release. Hopefully I can do that in the next two weeks or so, but since my computer is currently in the shop for some repairs and upgrades, it could take a little longer depending on what happens there.
    Hope you all enjoy, but don't hold back either XD

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    Hi NN
    Out of the two the first one would probably get my vote but then again I'm no metal fan so I'm probably not the best to judge it

    Thanks for contributing though.
    Kind regards
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      Awesome that you're doing this, I also was sad that there was no music for it. I ripped the off files from quake live and made my own that way but I'll definitely check this out when completed


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        It's very nearly done! I'll make a new thread Sunday or Monday to release the thing.
        All I've got left to do is finish writing some documentation for it, and test it out start to finish-- my brother is going to help me with that part again

        If you're not into metal-like things, you might want to give it a miss though-- I took a fair amount of influence from a couple of the more atmospheric sorts of metal genres to make something that would fit the higher enemy counts and faster pace of the combat compared to the original campaign.
        I might not describe it as metal itself, but it's undeniably metal-adjacent.


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          I am using a soundtrack by Immorpher, fits quite well.
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            Mine has been released over on the "Single Player" section