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Launching classic doom games on PSP for begginers

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  • Launching classic doom games on PSP for begginers

    Hi. I just finished wtiring my quake psp guide. Now i decided to tell you more about psp doom ports.

    Installation is exactly the same as in Quake ports. Just make a doom folder in /GAME directory and but your iwads and eboot there. For every version it looks almost the same.

    There are a lot more versions of doom for psp than quake ones. Naming every one of them by numbers, is a bitch, because you cant say if two diffirent versions are really that diffirent, judging from the title only.

    Version i would like to recommend is titled with 1.4 number. This is almost perfect version in my opinion. It allows you to play every official wad, and every vanilla wad. It also has the Best midi support of every psp ports. Resolution is also great, and so Framerate is. It even has a multiplayer adhoc mode. The only thing which sucks is controls. Firstly, you are stuck with dpad because analog is emulating the Mouse. And we all know how much Mouse using in original doom sucked. For some reason, weapon changing, doesent work. Sometimes does but it's very glitchy. This version can be found here: /Downloads - View Version

    Second Best version is labeled with 0.05 number, but there are two versions of it :p.
    The only diffirence betwen this and 0.05 plus version is, in 0.05 plus you are stuck with always run, but Contrast is better. 0.05 with no plus in title is exact opposite in that aspect. Both versions runs in low resolution, with lower Frame rate than in 1.4 version. Music support is there but midi quality is total shit. You didnt hear the shit until you heard music from doom psp v0.05. Audio quality is also fucked up, because sfx's are too loud. Except the most shity audio quality i have ever seen, this port is pretty solid because of configurable controls, vanilla custom wads support and stability. Analog controls are normal this time.
    0.05plus can be found here:
    0.05 can be foud here: (when I find link for it, I'll post it, sorry )

    Another port we'll check is doom psp v2.01. this is the newest one but the worst in my opinion. It has no music support. That makes this port not worth it, for me. As far as i know, it doesent allow to launch any custom wads. The only reason to download it is interface which is still there even if you have the max screen size enabled. Ability to launch it even on official firmware is nice. Analog controls are good too. This can be found here: Doom PSP - /Downloads - View Download

    The most intresting, but the most diffirent port is called doom legacy. It runs on diffirent engine. It has full customizable controls, jump and vertical "Mouse" look support. It works in full resolution. Sounds fine? Well it isnt that good for me, because of music support only in mp3, unstability and broken turning acceleration. For all people who like to play doom in more Modern style, this one is the Best choice. You can download it here:

    thing that annoys me the most in all these ports is that all of them is broken in some aspects. At least v1.4 is pretty playable for me, and audio works all fine, so i recommend you trying this one. Good luck. Feel free to ask about anything. See you soon.
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