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Immortal Redneck (by CremaGames)

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  • Immortal Redneck (by CremaGames)


    A new game has been released recently:

    It can be best compared with Zigurrat gameplay wise.
    It is all about Fun, Action, Fun
    It has very positive reviews at Steam and all around the internet game websites.

    If you liked Ziggurat, you will like Immortal Redneck as well.
    Random levels, monsters and items.
    Choose between many different players.
    50 guns and almost 100 powerups.

    I should not waste your time with much text about it.
    Just look at some screenshots and scroll down for gameplay trailers.



    Have fun with this great game,

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    Bubba Hotep? Serious Sam? Redneck Rampage?

    Curious about the concept, thought I don't suppose it matters much.


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      Hello gulliver-trans,

      Hehe, Yes as long as your shotgun throws your enemy backwards it doesnt really matter if you are playing as a superhero, a slipgate ranger or a redneck

      The concept is basically using the best of various popular titles:
      Zigurrat: gameplay rules
      Redneck Rampage: Voice and patters of your character
      Serious Sam: environment (and patters)

      It adds its own style elements (skill tree, etc.) and fun though.

      Oh and yes, you will also get Blood´s famouse TNT weapon

      Some more nice screens to get you in the mood:

      Have fun