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quake 2 with square particles

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  • quake 2 with square particles

    is there any engine that can do this? the original quake 2 exe doesn't work at all in software mode, fullscreen crashes the game and everything stutters as if i'm lagging really hard and the "lan disconnected" symbol starts flashing violently, even if i'm playing the campaign.

    yamagi quake 2 seems pretty cool but unfortunately has no option like r_particles 2 in most modern quake 1 engines. i've found a few commands to set attributes a, b and c for particles but i don't really understand what they do, didn't find any useful explanations online either. attribute a isn't even set to an integer value, some weird alphanumerical business is going on with that.

    somewhat ironically i even found a forum post online by some guy who had the exact opposite problem. apparently his opengl dll file was outdated and even though he was running it on hardware he got software particles. if anyone remembers having this problem aswell, please send me that file. seriously.

    but hey, maybe there's somewhat less awkward solution available? are there any more clients like yamagi quake with this feature out there that i'm not aware of? finding stuff on quake 2 feels like the roaming the wild west compared to quake 1.

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    did you tryed DirectQII engine?
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      yeah i did, but it doesn't have that option either. does anyone know what particle attribute a does? it defaults to "1wa" which doesn't mean anything to me and there is no explanation what other values it accepts, maybe this is the solution? i tried "0" "1" "2" "0wa" "1sq" "0sq" "square" but that didn't change anything.


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        I was hoping to take a quick look at some source code for DirectQII for you, since it should be easy to see what values "particle" takes, but there doesn't seem to be a link to the engine that works any more.


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          I got you covered! Here is my backup of the DirectQ/DirectQ2 engines which I have saved on my Mega account for archiving purposes:

          DirectQ/DirectQ2 engine collection (zip, 5.1 MB)

          The only DirectQ2 client I could find is contained within "DirectQ Builds".
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          OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
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