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osjc's Quake Descent into heresy - a heretic mod - revisisted 17 -7 17

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  • osjc's Quake Descent into heresy - a heretic mod - revisisted 17 -7 17

    so yeah, I revisisted this this month and figured I should share. its much better now. looks nicer, is easier to run etc... check it out here on moddb!

    I hope the link is ok. cant make head nor tail of this forum as it stands.
    Quake; descent into heresy. a quake themed weapon/item mod for heretic!

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    So basically, this is Heretic with Quake assets, right?
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      well essentially yeah.
      It takes the heretic wad and replaces the player, items, weapons (and optional textures and another optional monster pack that adds scrags and grunts to the bestiary) so you play through the heretic maps using quake weapons and items as ranger. its much better than this vague summery I've just written makes it out to be. especially with the texture set engaged. you need zdoom or gzdoom, and copy of heretic.wad to run it. all the the readme my good sir. all on the mod db site too. please do try it. i'd love an opinion from a true quaker as most of this has been remade from memory (not had a running version of a quake engine at my disposal since about 2013/14 now...) please bear in mind that it is NOT supposed to replicate quake gameplay 100% but instead is designed to work in and with the heretic maps and monsters. weapons are still balanced mind you. and do the expected amount of damage. just might not be 100% accurate is what I'm saying... so , as I say, bear that in mind when/if you pass judgement...

      oh and its not got the models or anything goofy like that. the weapons are completely recreated in sprite form. think of it as like a quake in the doom engine a quake 0.5 if you will... seriously why are you still reading this? go play it!


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        Just an fyi,
        I've just recently had the opportunity to play some quake again and noticed some issues with this mod so I've updated this to fix them!
        most of this mod was made from memory and as such was a bit off in places.

        get it from the link on the op...

        now featuring new/altered weapon pickup sprites, to better match their quake counterparts and also better match the hud sprites in dih itself.

        improved graphics for smoke-trail and explosion effects...

        Improved gore effects

        some alterations to the weapon functions: regular nailgun fires single barrels as opposed to two each time. (as it should!)
        supernailgun fires ripper nails 100% of the time now, however it doesn't rip through enemies when quadded as it would be far too overpowered...
        grenade arc is closer to quake's now

        and a new crosshair for crosshair3; a simple 'Q' symbol for those that like it plain...

        also added some extra quake themed texture replacements here and there including a simple recolour of the mosaic tiles textures from blues to quakes brown tones

        thats all I guess.

        oh yeah, heres some screenies I took that show how some heretic maps are clearly quite similar to quakes, especially with the texture pack engaged:

        I'm not sure if anyone actually cares much for this mod here (being doom engine and all that) but its quake related and as such I thought I should post it anyhow!