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Mario 64 and Quake?

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  • Mario 64 and Quake?

    Is anyone here a fan of Mario 64 as well as Quake. I remember back in the day when 3D was new to the world and Quake and Mario 64 were both fascinating to me. They seem to have a lot of similarities:
    -low polygon world
    -fully 3D environments and 3D models
    -lots of platform jumping
    -lava obstacles
    -swimming in underwater levels
    -jumping into portals to enter new worlds
    -If you count the Quake mission packs then both games have Egypt themed levels and feature fire breathing dragons as bosses!



    I think it would be cool if someone made .mdl's of some Mario 64 models so the could be used in Quake. Has anyone ever seen any such models? Anyways, I'm just rambling because I recently got a Nintendo 64.

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    I had Quake for the 64. They had to remove a lot of wall/ceiling designs from the original, in order to keep the fps up. I haven't seen mario levels in Quake, even though they'd be pretty easy to make.


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      there is more than that...

      both games feature:
      exhaustible power enhancing pick-ups (invincibility, etc..)
      spiders (vores)
      secret areas
      cannon (wind tunnel)
      save/load spam
      multi-tiered worlds (ie not 1 story)
      day/night environments
      multi-level worlds
      totally shit bosses with ludicrous defeat methods
      redundant game-play
      a cult following
      And Shub Niggurath literally translates to King Koopa

      Well, that last one is a total lie but, Mario 64 is practically Cartoon Quake. Long long before this post I was pretty convinced that Nintendo sat down and asked "What if Quake was a Mario Game?" From there it was pretty simple ~ exchange all enemies for Mario ones, replace all weapons with jump attacks, replace all pick ups with stars and coins, change the camera system so you can see Mario, replace all textures with Mario styles ones. The only real notable difference is Mario worlds can't be corridors or it wouldn't feel like Mario (except dungeon levels maybe). It's the only thing (beside the camera, I guess) that can't be considered a direct replacement. Even the hats are nothing but a pent/ring of shadows/quad/etc replacement with Mario style features.

      However, all that being said, Mario64 is still one of my all time favorite games. I have an N64 emulator on pretty much all of my devices and Mario64 is a staple ROM. Another game I like which you may enjoy is Conkers Bad Fur Day

      The game-play is similar to Mario64/Quake. This game has a hell of a lot more than you would expect as you progress, though. The below video is one of the boss battles. When it completes if you want spoilers you can click the related video "all bosses (no damage)" and you will see this game is actually pretty bad-ass. If you can't find the game for your N64 or want to play it right away it would be very simple for you to get an emulator and the ROM for it. Just google "Conker's Bad Fur Day ROM" and you could get both on the same page of (probably) the first search result. This game smokes Mario64 in production value, concept, game play, and pretty much everything else. It becomes obvious pretty quick that a hell of a lot more effort was put into this game.

      Although visually similar to Rare's family-oriented Nintendo 64 platform games Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day was designed for mature audiences and features graphic violence, alcohol and tobacco use, profanity, vulgar humor and pop culture references. It was developed over the course of four years and was originally intended for a family audience, but was ultimately retooled into its current form because previews were criticised for being both too cute and similar to Rare's earlier platform games.
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        Redfield There is a really dedicated guy who made a Mario Mod for Skyrim with meshes from scratch : Other than that i never saw something similar.
        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
        My little gore mod :


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          I'm sorry I missed this topic before! Both games came in 1996 on almost the exact same day! (June 23rd for Mairo and June 22nd for Quake!)

          I have a hard time prying these games apart from each other because of that, as I was playing both games that year at friends houses. What a great time for gaming that was, super exciting!

          As far as similar gameplay, I think the thing that strikes me is how fun it is to just control the characters. Both games feature really tight and responsive controls along with physics that feel satisfying to react to. Love both of these games a ton!


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            "Both games came in 1996"

            I've always thought that Quake was in 1995 and Quake 2 in 1996. Looks like each is shifted by a year. Darn. :/


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              Someone ported a large quantity of Mario 64 levels to Xonotic, and in fact, there are a few servers out there that run them. It's pretty damn cool fragging people while collecting 8 red coins in Jolly Rodger bay. If anyone has the sources/and/or means to port them to QuakeWorld, hit me up because I'll totally throw them up on my server.

              EDIT: I found the one I was thinking of. It does include the map source.
              I also tried loading it up in FTE, and at the very least I can spawn into a very broken map in deathmatch.

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