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  • HEXEN II community work and discussion

    inkubus - hexen - 2 - texture - pack
    the original...

    Useable on UQE, FTEQW, JSHexen (1.19).

    for your fun and pleasure

    We arrived at 0.85 release, i'm about 83% of work done... 1.0 will not be the last release. from 1.0 to 2.0 i'll add bump mapping or normal mapping. I'll use skins for models made by Jeank the Russian Boy...

    the pack grows up... we arrived over 200 mb


    Hammer of Thyrion

    The poll is expired.

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    That looks fantastic! Watching for updates, hopefully soon...


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      I think i can release something in a week...

      Unfortunately the complex textures of the doors or the banners with the griffins are hard to rewrite/redesign!

      and... i cant create a bump mapping because it appears not supported by UQE... i hope it will be supported soon!

      - sorry for my bad english! - XD
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      • #4 are doing a great job !!

        Finally someone with skill, courage and vision started to do this hard job.
        The first screenshots look very promising.
        The last one "almost" looks like you managed to put normals into this engine...

        I will definitively follow your progress.

        *2 thumbs up*

        And thank you for your time and effort to put this game to another visual level.
        Its worth it.

        Best wishes,


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          no, no normal maps for today

          The "Unofficial Quake Engine" doesn't have support for it.

          Maybe i'll use Hammer of Thyrion when this engine will support external textures in a simple folder...

          I'm developing bump maps for some textures, but now is too early!
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            Some other stuff...

            a door....

            painted walls

            marble decorations
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              Looks pretty cool, gj!

              It's a shame I lost my Hexen CD ages ago.
              my FPS maps


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                Those are all very nice looking screenshots.

                I've either not played Hexen or only did it briefly. I really can't quite remember ...

                I've visited your site several times in the past and like someone noted above, I'd click on some stuff like the Quake logo and nothing obvious would happen so I thought your site didn't work or didn't work with my browser.
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                  Baker: no i havent a website for now, pics are hosted on the site of a friend of mine.
                  Now i'm working on the textures, maybe later i'll create a webpage...

                  Originally posted by dfsp_spirit View Post
                  Looks pretty cool, gj!

                  It's a shame I lost my Hexen CD ages ago.
                  try to find it on the mule or bittorrent. Or... download the demo

                  bye ^^
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                    Check out my awesome Deviant art page!
                    Quake fanart (obviously included)!



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                      OK, i see that you like my work... i'm a bit shy sometimes

                      now, i'm proud to announce the first release of my tex pack! There is much work to do, and textures must be refined, but its a v0.3

                      things to do:

                      -you must have ah hexen2 installation in a folder that i'll call /HEXEN2

                      -download latest UQE hexen engine from here: Unofficial Quake Engine - []

                      -create a folder called /HEXEN2/DATA1/textures/

                      -unrar the texture pack in that folder! DOWNLOAD IT

                      -use this thread to talk with me

                      -help is welcome!

                      - SO... HAVE FUN ^^
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                        looks very awesome!

                        PLAY QUAKE DODGEBALL!


                        Trickle's VWeps


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                          Good job.

                          Can it be made to work with Hammer of Thyrion? I guess there weren't many replacement textures for Hexen II so far, so maybe just ask the HoT guys if they'll add support for them? I think sezero of Quakespasm also does some coding for HoT, right, so I guess it can be done.

                          Perhaps a Hexen II remake after this one... maybe at least Blackmarsh... using FTE for things like CSQC :-P
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                            @ inkub0

                            As far as I know (you and golden_boy mentioned it already),
                            there are 3 engines for Hexen 2:

                            - UQE Hexen 2
                            - Hammer of Thyrion
                            - FTE QW

                            Question 1:
                            Which engine do you recommend to play Single Player ?

                            Question 2:
                            You wrote, that at the moment only UQE Hexen 2 can be used together with your High Res Textures in a simple folder.
                            Does this mean, its already possible with Hammer of Thyrion (but more complicated) ?
                            Is FTE able to somehow do it ?

                            Question 3:
                            You maybe know, that QRP (Quake Retexturing Project) created an excel file, with an overview of all Quake texture names and in which map/level they are used.
                            Please find the Link below.

                            Do you have something similar for Hexen 2 ?
                            I guess yes, because this is a base for your project.
                            I want to ask, because I found some other High Res Hexen 2 Textures (some month ago).
                            And I want to give it to you (maybe you can use them and save some time for your project).
                            Please contact me via PM.

                            Best wishes,
                            Attached Files
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                              Seven, thank you for your interest!

                              ANSWER 1:
                              I use UQE to test my work... so i think it is the right choice... (for now)

                              ANSWER 2:
                              I found in the Hammer of Thyrion forum somebody that use custom textures, editing BSPs in PAK files... but i cant do it... i dont know why (me idiot, probablly)
                              i'm trying to use FTE... but maybe i need to convert all textures in TGA. We'll talk about this spot another time

                              ANSWER 3:
                              The base of my work is the file Hexen2.wad that you can find on the internet... it contains some errors but i'm still doing the excel sheet (we are talking about over 300 textures!)

                              MY GREAT, HUGE HOPE IS THAT DARKPLACES WILL SUPPORT HEXEN2... let's create a petition for DP coders
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