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  • inkub0: i think its be appeared very soon, and its be just preset in menu - use your textures with rust effects or no
    I just want prepare good rust/scratch texture masks.
    Small jsHexen2 and retex project


    • Originally posted by jeank View Post

      About PK3 - i think it easy can be supported, but if you please, i give little suggestion - use textures with sizes "pow2", like 256, 512, 1024, 2048 (2048 too much, but i tell that little later)
      The New video cards support gl extension
      GL_TEXTURE_NON_POWER_OF_TWO that can load textures properly witout any resizing operations, textures can be with various sized even 411x645 ))), but anyway for compatibility with old videocards better use it pow2 like 2*2=4*2=8*2=16*2=32*2=64*2=128..........1024? (on most video cards gl_maxsize=1024 right?).
      So if you guys prefer max quality with less size use jpg packed in pk3. I know how to use Ulead Photo Impact to create maximum compressed lossless jpeg (this is really good program similar to photoshop). For best pk3 compression use 7zip archiver free tool. Need special command line.
      If its interested and engines support pk3's, i can make these jpg's and pk3. Work using tga, i recompress with your aprove. =))))
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      • Hello jeank,

        I just tried your brand new version 1.20 with your textures + skins only.

        I like the new chrome on models, but together with the powerup glowing it is almost too much.
        It glows so much, it almost hurts your eyes
        (example: the red combined mana)

        The chrome effect on wall textures doesnt fit so good in your dirty rusty world.
        Imagine, you are in dirty catacombs and see perfectly polished metal pillars.
        Or a old wooden door, with many wood worms and harsh surface; and a shiny, polished metal bar is attached to it.
        That doesnt fit together in my personal opinion.
        You should be carfeul, that you dont overdo it.
        I would reduce the chrome effect a little bit. Make it not so obvious / intrusively.
        Thats of course just my personal opinion. I dont want to influence your work.

        The water is amazing now. I think you can really leave it as it is.

        The bloom works rock solid on my nvidia card.
        So I cannot say something concerning ATI.

        The Best thing is (and I bag you not to change it):
        In your menu you can turn on/off everything !
        I hope you leave this very good menu system.
        It is clear and sorted nicely.
        So everybody can adjust jshexen2 just the way he wants it.

        I am looking forward, when you continue the work on weapon skins.
        The ones you did so far fit perfectly into the scene.
        I love them !

        All the Best for you jeank.

        PS: And PLEASE promise me, no nuclear war in your home
        Keep it easy my friend. There are also other things to do


        • I did a little release, with some new and some modified textures. I know, my work is now slow but... i think is better than 2 month ago

          Go on my website! (and click on the ads or donate )

          Seven is right... too much effect on surfaces is ugly .
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          Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

          "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


          • Seven, i know, you right, my friend.

            I agree and understand - every shine effect must be tuned, and textures for shine must be also tuned and replaced.

            I think create submenu for "shines" with lot of sliders and buttons, or even use external file with personal settings for every entity. I think today shine menu be completed.
            About nuclear war - i ill last days, so no any nuclear war, i surrender in that hard conditions

            And i add new skins, i prepare for that all original skin structure, but for now exist two very good engines, FTE and new UQE (public release be soon), so i just want jsH2 stay in line with that engines. Every engine provide some personal and have some specific "+ and -"
            Small jsHexen2 and retex project


            • inkub0 - last 30% of work be most hard
              Small jsHexen2 and retex project


              • Hello Jeank,

                There are 2 more things I wanted to tell you.

                I already speak about it in PM. I just checked your different skies in jshexen2.
                They work and look exactly the same way as in DP. And therefore, they also
                have the same problem: The lower layer is not transparent enough.
                You almost cannot see the beautiful upper layer.

                You made a great job for me and all other people in this forum, as you doubled
                the transparency of alpha texture. This will be a BIG benefit for Hexen 2 as well.

                You said, it is done very quickly.
                So I suggest, you should do it for your sky alphas in your texture pack.
                I tested it in GIMP. But GIMP is NOT able to raise transparency itself.
                So I cannot help you here. You must use Photoshop.

                Please think about it.

                I just saw, that inkub0 put sky textures from your demo1 in his pack.
                But it looks very different in FTE compared to jshexen2.
                So those engines handle skies differently:

                FTE + inkub0: , jshexen2 + jeank:

                Pay also attention on the textures on top of angel (rtex395) in inkub0īs V0.82.
                There is the wrong texture, because there are no subfolders "demoX" anymore.
                Why inkub0 ?

                I wondered, if this texture in the middle of the room is an external texture or is it not yet done ?
                It looks in both texture packs unsharp. I guess it is because of its huge size.

                FTE + inkub0: , jshexen2 + jeank:

                Pay also attention on the floor texture around the room (outer square) in jshexen2.
                Here jeank adds a LOT of chrome. It looks like the maid just cleaned it with cleaning powder
                (but I already spoke about it 4 post above)

                Best wishes,
                Last edited by Seven; 09-24-2010, 04:24 AM.


                • Seven, first question very depend from bloom and gamma/contrast/overbright settings.

                  Bloom subtract at least 20-25% of transparency, and bloom may multiplicate overbright effect and subtract transparency until 100%.
                  When i make skie textures, i tested them without bloom and they was look good.

                  Texture on the floor is rtex355 (you can found that texture in my pack, but texture unchanged) we just dont reach this texture for remake
                  I put in "dirty" texture pack all textures, include original ones.
                  Small jsHexen2 and retex project


                  • Seven, i changed some of the skies... the white clouds on the red sky is an invention of mine ( but, looking at that, is a bit ugly )
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                    "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


                    • jeank,
                      I can confirm (now that you told me), that Bloom eats up transparency.
                      Without Bloom you can look through the alpha layer, but still not much.
                      Of course it is a question of personal liking. Thank you for your information.

                      you maybe didnt read my small hint regarding your "demoX" subfolders.
                      They are missing in your V0.82. Therefore there are some wrong textures.
                      Please bring them back in V0.85

                      Thank you guys.



                      • Originally posted by Seven View Post
                        you maybe didnt read my small hint regarding your "demoX" subfolders.
                        They are missing in your V0.82. Therefore there are some wrong textures.
                        Please bring them back in V0.85
                        OMG... what a mess...
                        Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                        "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


                        • Friends, please help me test new build -


                          I add lot of tune for shiny and pseudochrome effects and change something, but cannot see how different model shines look in all game. I try remake iboost and others chrome, but not test my changes.
                          Small jsHexen2 and retex project


                          • Jeank
                            unofrtunately i must say that i dont like the shiny effects.
                            I think the best way is to create normalmaps and luma maps and have a good support for them.
                            I tuned the effects with the sliders, but there is still something "wrong"
                            Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                            "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


                            • Inkub0,
                              I took some screenshots of those tools textures to give you a better picture of the problem.
                              Attached Files


                              • The first is not a texture problem, but there is an aligning error un that prim.
                                The second is interesting: i must change the texture of that bench
                                In the third you are right, tools are flying
                                Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                                "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)