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    Right, here is how to make FTE save a config:

    cfg_save in the console.

    Make sure fs_cache is 0. You can also have a data1/autoexec.cfg file, similar to Quake. To load external textures, put them into data1/textures. To load a skybox, put the six skybox images into data1/gfx/env/ and set r_skybox to the name of your sky.

    There are hexen2 lit files (colored lighting) at the Hammer of Thyrion site, but it looks like FTE has problems with the format or something. The colored lighting looks *very* nice in HoT.
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      tadaaaa the button!
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        Looks good!

        Some FTE shots with skybox, replacement textures and colored lighting:

        Your wood and metal textures look really good. I also like the bricks that are the floor in the last shot.

        The yellowish wall texture needs work, but I've said that before. :-P

        The black drawbridge is a shadow problem in FTE. OK, so it's not really a shadow problem, but a lighting bug.

        Attention, to get pushables and jumping through windows (and possibly other stuff) to work in FTE, use sv_nomsec 1 (or 2 if necessary) in the config. This basically makes the physics more like normal Quake (yeah, the QW in FTEQW stands for Quakeworld).
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          Golen_boy, do you have crash problems with hexen in FTE?
          on my machine it crashes several times...

          and... do you know how to name the bump map files to be loaded in that engine?
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            The last official release of FTE is pretty old... Try using the "nightly" builds:

            Index of /moodles

            I suggest not using the "unstable" stuff, it doesn't work with Hexen 2.

            The stable version from the nightlies usually runs nice, but I've had crashes when leaving/entering a new level, maybe due to the lit files I'm using.

            I've compiled a list of bugs and sent them to Spike, so hopefully there will be fixes...

            For testing, you can probably load each map via the console. Type map mapname in the console. The maps' names are listed here:

            Hexen 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Hints, Games Tips - Cheatbook

            Liike, "map village1" will load that map.

            Normal maps:

            14:40 < gb> Spoike: where do normal maps go in FTE?
            14:58 < Spoike> same place as diffuse maps, but with _norm on the end
            14:58 < Spoike> note that you need gl_bump 1 set in order to actually load them
            14:59 < Spoike> bumpmaps apply to deluxemapping and realtime lighting, you won't see them otherwise
            15:00 < Spoike> (or _bump if its greyscale)
            15:00 < Spoike> (and a heightmap)

            I strongly suggest reporting all bugs to the FTE devs. Their IRC channel is #fte at You can use the web client: QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

            For people who never played Hexen2:

            inkub0, one more niggle: Philips head screws don't seem very medieval :-P perhaps make them look like an older type of screw, or rivets, or bolt heads.
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              Thank You golden_boy, you are great.
              I see thet you like FTE and your screenshots are amazing... surely in near future i'll create the bumpmaps for FTE because HoT doesnt support them but... light have problems, as you say, in FTE!

              let's see what will happen until the end of 2010...

              the new release of the texture pack!!!
              DOWNLOAD IT
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                I just love Hexen 2 :-)

                Love the new switch!

                Someone should do hi-res textures for the weapon models, too.

                Also, these textures are absolutely great without using normalmaps - this goes to show you that not everything needs them to look good. If you do normals and/or specular, make sure to keep them reasonable... they are usually ridiculously overdone, which ruins many good texture sets.

                Also, real-time lighting in FTE will probably be really slow... just like in darkplaces. Maybe just do the diffuse maps (ie what you're doing anyway) because bumpmapping and realtime lighting will be SLOW...
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                  any idea on where to put texture for MODELS ?.... (in UQE or FTE)

                  and... @ golden:
                  try to change the skybox... i think that is too "clear and light sky"... i imagine hexen2 sky more dark, and cloudy... with rain clouds, understand?

                  and... try to activate anisotropic filtering for your screenshots... i think will be better bye
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                    Like this?

                    You can have any skybox you want. Here are some:

                    Kothic Skyboxes

                    You can also use Quake 3 skyboxes (google) or make your own with Terragen (google).

                    You can rip the original textures from models with QME 3.1 I think (load a .mdl file and choose "Export Skin", IIRC), and possibly with Quark. Replacement textures for models (hi-res skins) I'm not entirely sure about, but I was just told they go into textures/models, with a filename of (modelname)_skin0.tga and so forth. There are several reskinning projects here on this board, and people involved with those can probably help better than I can.

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                      I see the passion in both of you golden_boy + inkub0

                      How lucky I am, that there are similar guys out there, who think JUST like me.
                      Both of you are genius. The one in design, the other in technical stuff.
                      Thats a powerful combination

                      To give you at least ONE little help from my side.
                      I see on your screenshots gb, that you have your status bar on the left.
                      FTE ingame options to set it middle is broken.
                      Please use this setting in your fte.cfg:
                      scr_centersbar "1"

                      A fabulous new download package inkub0 !
                      But what happened to your mtex textures ; and rtex001 ?
                      They are missing in V0.35.

                      Model skins in FTE and UQE are handled the same way
                      (info given by Korax himself):

                      "To get external skins working.. (under "/portals/" or "data1") create a directory called "/models/".. Now, lets create a skin for, lets say the archer. The archer model is called "archer.mdl" it contains internal skins called "skin0" and "skin1". add a image file with the name "archer_0.*" or "archer_1.*" where the name of the skin is derived from the modelname and the last part is the skin number. The ".*" can be a skin texture format of your choice between .PCX, .TGA or .JPG, where .PCX is the only format used for the software renderer, and all 3 used by the OpenGL renderer."

                      I tested it in FTE as well, and it works.
                      So, with respect to golden_boy´s explanation, the naming has no "skin" inside.
                      The rest is correct.
                      Please use the model skins from my post #23
                      There are already several available.

                      Only thing I couldnt activate so far are shadows in FTE (HOT can do it).
                      The option in FTE seems to be broken or doesnt work with Hexen 2.

                      Thank you guys for your efforts and passion.

                      Golden_boy, how do you cut the skyboxes from your link post #39 into 6 pieces ?
                      I like the one called "dragonheart".
                      I guess the naming is similar to DarkPlaces (bk / dn / ft / lf / rt / up) ?

                      And THANK YOU so much for your explanation in how to create a config with FTE.
                      That did the trick.
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                        Thank you Seven!!!

                        You are great !

                        Originally posted by Seven View Post
                        But what happened to your mtex textures ; and rtex001 ?
                        They are missing in V0.35.
                        the goal of this release is to develop all the textures for demo1 level... i'll add the other if you want in future, but my mind is to make them better first... (missing rtex001 is an error )
                        I'll use the models that you posted! they are nice!
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                          Thank you Seven, those skins are pretty good. I got them working by putting them into data1/models, indeed. Seems like it's mainly powerups and explosions. I also have a centered sbar now in FTE :-P

                          About the skyboxes, there is a download link on that page:


                          There are a lot of .md3 files in there. You can unzip those (they're only renamed zip files) or try to get the engine to load them - try putting them in data1/gfx maybe?

                          It's nice that something happens in the Hexen 2 community AT ALL. I think the Hexen 2 community consists of about 10 people, us included. Everybody forgot about this great game.

                          I also prefer to be called gb - goldenboy is a pretty stupid nick :-P

                          And yes - r_shadows is broken in FTE, probably because it supports realtime lighting/shadows anyway. r_shadows is broken in HoT and standard Quake, as well, btw. There's one tree in the demo1 map whose shadow floats in the air...
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                            i think by .md3 he means pk3


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                              How did I miss this?

                              THESE. TEXTURES. ROCK.

                              I've seen lots of external texture packs for Quake and in general I always feel that they're lacking something, but these ones really work well with H2, complement the game, and don't look out of place.

                              Good job. Buy that man a large beer.
                              IT LIVES!


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                                Originally posted by metchsteekle View Post
                                i think by .md3 he means pk3
                                yeah, he often gets confused I think. :-)
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