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  • Hello, Rino. I want to create Hexen 2 mod, and i need some help. What the programs are you use for textures and how you create *.PAK files?


    • Hello Naykin,
      for textures I use paint shop pro, I run it directly in Quark,
      to do this you must go to menu - General - External Editor, and put in file extensions (jpg bmp tga) the directory where you have your photo editing program (.exe).

      Obviously to start creating your texture, you will need to create a new Add on, in the menu Toolboxes, of Quark.

      Click on Folders - New main folder, a window will appear, you
      select "In a new Add on", and save your file with a name in the root directory.

      Then you can rename the file with the same name in Toolboxe (Texture Browser)

      Click on it, then Edit - Import Files - Import (copy) files, (eg a. Wad file)

      Alternatively you can make from scratch, click on new texture Q1, (above the toolbar, fine for Hexen2),
      and then invoke the editor, to create or edit your textures.

      Regarding PAK files, I use Quark, but often usage Pakscape is easy to use.

      When you've made your map, open Packscape and
      create a new folder named maps, in which you put your map.

      Save it as. Pak0 (normally) and put it in a new folder with the name of your game eg naykin, this goes in directory Hexen2.

      Finally, launch your map you need to create a. Bat file (using Editpad or Notepad) enter the example string:

      GLH2 -game naykin -width 1024 -height 768 +map naykin +playerclass 1

      (GLH2 can change depending on the port you use, and also more parameters)

      and save it as all files as well: (naykin.bat), then you put it in Hexen2.

      Finally, double-click on naykin.bat, should start your first level!

      I hope I've helped

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      • Pakscape is a pretty cool option, I often use it myself when I need to create PAK files.
        With UQE you got another option to also use WinZip to create standard zip files and rename them to PK3.

        Basically exactly the same process you'd typically follow to create PK3 files for Quake III Arena. Pakscape also supports the saving of PK3.


        • Rino, you very helped me! Thanks)


          • Now this is awesome, I love Hexen, and hexen 2, so this is freaking awesome!


            • Today i just come to Rino site and see amazing levels in progress o.O
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              • I must say, great texture usage.


                • Hello Rino,

                  You sir, are amazing !

                  I am really looking forward to your new releases.
                  And Thank you very much to start working on Hexen2 maps again.
                  The only thing I could mention is: Be careful with some texture scales.
                  They seem quite big scaled.

                  @ Mathuzzz,

                  I hope that you will not give up working on your maps as well.
                  It would be nice if you and Rino would get in contact with each other and exchange experiences.

                  Hexen 2 is such a great game and worth attention.
                  With all those wonderful new/improved engines.

                  Thank you all !


                  • Sadly, I havenīt made any progress since our discussion about the BSP limits, but also because I didnīt have enough time. Maybe Iīll post some screenshots, but Iīm afraid I will have to completely leave environmental details out of the map because of those limits . Too bad I spent too much time on them.


                    • Hello guys, thank you very much,
                      I need time for release.

                      @Mathuzzz: you have problems with your map?



                      • Hello Mathuzzz,

                        I have zero mapping experience, but I think what Rino suggested several posts back could help you to complete your map.

                        Original Hexen 2 maps often have segmented maps.
                        For example the 1st world/episode, where you walk through these big doors.
                        These doors seperate the levels from each other.
                        Rino said, that you could maybe also split your current map into 2 pieces.
                        Something like indoor and outdoor.

                        I know, the consequence would be an additional loading time (which can be annyoing), but I think it is better than to scrap the complete map...

                        I dont know how your map is designed.
                        Maybe you can find a solution ?
                        Like copy the complete map and save it with a new name.
                        Then delete in each map the brushes you do not need.
                        That could bring you back into the limits...

                        Just an idea.
                        As I said, I am no mapper, nor do I know your map.

                        All the best,


                        • really it depends how complex your triggers are. you can carry puzzle items from one map to the next and back, but doing that requires a reason to have such a puzzle item...

                          load times are not an issue. hexen2 really isn't that much more recent than quake so it should be almost instant to load anyway, even on large maps. the real issue is that its an artificial break in the middle of the map where monsters won't follow you (but the ai was never really able to anyway), and some loading screen appearing in your face with all the things that are still alive suddenly vanishing... and then stepping into it by mistake and your view angle randomly changing. its even more annoying to have to wait for some door infront of it to open, and then close on you crushing you to death when you next return...
                          but yeah... the load times are not an issue.

                          while you can split up a map, its never a nice feeling. really the only answer I can suggest is for more hexen2 engines to support bsp2, and for someone to make a proper hexen2 compiler for it (the hull differences require a non-quake qbsp). and if you do use bsp2 for a map... it won't currently run on any more engines than q3bsp/fbsp would... so... noone's rushing.
                          the various parties involved just need to all agree on it and to then make it happen.
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                          • Might I suggest that converting a level to another, less restrictive, technological base might be the better solution?

                            Hexen: Edge of Chaos looks like a worthy alternative that runs on a better tech. I'm sure they are looking for level designers... It is possible to convert the geometry between different idtech engines, as well.

                            That's what I would do, before I take the hacksaw to my level, anyway.

                            Cutting it up into parts and turning it into a hub is only an option if the map is neatly divided into a series of rooms and corridors, but maps that are any good usually aren't. Plus, a loading screen, however short, would disrupt the immersion.

                            It's a bit like telling an artist "why don't you paint smaller pictures?" The result might be this: and rightfully so.

                            Ambition shouldn't be discouraged, it should be rewarded. Suggesting to do what people did in 1997 is backwards, I'm sorry. The only real solution is what Spike says. If that doesn't happen, go and find another technological platform that will support what you're doing.
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                            • @Rino,

                              Iīm having a problem with MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES, which is BSP limit. In other words, my map is too big, I will have to either remove most of the details or cut it to pieces.


                              I was thinking about creating maps once Edge of Chaos is finished, but as you can see, there are very few news and chances that the mod will ever be completed are shrinking. Also, I donīt know if Doom 3 engine is a good choice for larger, exterior maps.


                              I already split the map into exterior and interior part, but the exterior is still too big and probably cannot be made into separate maps. Imagine Castle of Grief from Hexen 1. How would you cut it into more maps?

                              Maybe I will try Hexen 1 instead It also deserves more attention from community.
                              Last edited by Mathuzzz; 06-30-2013, 12:09 PM.


                              • ETQW and Quake 4 have some pretty large outdoor areas. I do think idtech4 can do that, actually, especially with a few cleverly placed visportals between the outdoor and the rest of the map. But it's just an idea.

                                Lighting an outdoor area with a single sunlight is probably cheaper in terms of performance than Doom 3's many indoor lights are, actually (a light = a render pass, pretty much).
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