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  • Wow really awesome work =)
    Its good idea to place it on Moddb
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    Hexen:Edge of Chaos: News - my most awaiting game
    Qtracker - for easy searching of Quake and HeXen II servers
    HeXen II: All Source Ports List - i am collecting everything for HeXen II
    HeXen II Files - under development
    Me at Facebook - want play hexen2 multiplayer write me
    hexen2 ftp
    hexen2 maps, mods, addons, etc, torrent


    • Feel free to diffuse the link of this thread in every forum you want

      i'm still working, sorry for long time
      Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

      "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


      • Dear all,

        I own a Hexen 2 CD which contains both languages:
        - english
        - german

        So I extracted the german strings.txt for those of you who
        may want to use them,
        or can understand german better than english.

        Here they are. (readme included)

        Best wishes,
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        • I hope you patched the pak files bevor you extracted the strings.txt


          • Yes, I did patch the game; but the strings are not inside of the pack files.
            They are directly in data1 and portals folder.


            • Have you anybody tried these textures with jsHexen? Because it seems that max size of external textures there have to be under 1024x1024.

              I also tried to use some different textures I had, they are TGA, when I launch engine, it says something like this:
              xxx.tga only type 2 and 10 targa RGB images supported


              • does jshexen (2?) have a home page?

                is it actively developed btw?
                Scout's Journey
                Rune of Earth Magic


                • Unfortunately it is no longer developed it seems (except the russian guy jeank, who made the
                  Retexture Pack, tuned it a lot to get all the sweet effects in)
                  see details here: Hexen II Retexture

                  Here is the original homepage of jshexen2:
                  Qoole & Quake
                  The feature-list of jshexen is really amazing, if you take in account how "old" it is.
                  Combined with the sprite/effects from the pack its really great.
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                  • That texture pack follows another line of thought, that is not mine.
                    The textures are very close to the originals, but they havent the increase in detail like Rygel or QRP... I am not skilled like them but my mind is to create an alternative way: i use real photos
                    Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                    "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


                    • @ inkub0

                      your/this thread is now also mentioned in the russion forum

                      [little offtopic]
                      @ all

                      For those of you who also dont like the walking behaviour in jshexen2, UQE and HoT:
                      Becoming a lot faster when pressing forward + strafe left or right key together.
                      (I discussed this issue via PM with many people)

                      I finally found the solution (without the necessity of changing the source code):
                      - set your walking speed (default is 400 in Hexen2 with always run "on")
                      - Now simply set the sv_maxspeed to the same value (so in this case 400)

                      That prevents the engine to further accelerate the player when pressing forward key and left or right key together.
                      Because your max speed is already your walking speed (when always run is "on").

                      This is NOT necessary in FTEQW, because its already working fine out of the box.

                      I hope its useful for some of you.

                      [/little offtopic]

                      Have fun,


                      • release 0.7 !

                        DOWNLOAD IT

                        i'm not really at 70% of work but the remaining textures appears rarely in the game... (there is a big hole in the mtexs, but rtexs are going well...)

                        (still waiting comments about the textures )
                        Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                        "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


                        • Inkub0:


                          I do not usually use huge red text - I'm German.

                          Your textures really are that good though. We're very lucky to have a guy like you retexturing the game!

                          And what a nice game it is!

                          Like some people already said, you could make some textures slightly dirtier, and I hope once you do normal maps you don't overdo them. :-)

                          Seven, I'm getting that Russian pack, I think Inkub0's textures look way better, but I don't mind those retextured models (as long as inkub0 doesn't make better skins).


                          I love Hexen 2

                          Scout's Journey
                          Rune of Earth Magic


                          • BTW I think this door:

                            looks a little too shiny. It doesn't match the other textures IMO.
                            Scout's Journey
                            Rune of Earth Magic


                            • no it doesnt. but my god that is a sweet door. Make everything ELSE shiny!
                              Gnounc's Project Graveyard Gnounc's git repo


                              • I'll change it.

                                1) find a better door
                                2) ?

                                Darkplaces got a new release ^^
                                Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                                "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)