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  • About Blasphemer
    you can use GZDoom and use console ~ tilde like in quake
    map e1m1
    map e1m3
    map e1m7
    map e2m1
    to access various levels

    There is other project need in contributing "Zauberer" its HeXen free project
    Hexen:Edge of Chaos: News - my most awaiting game
    Qtracker - for easy searching of Quake and HeXen II servers
    HeXen II: All Source Ports List - i am collecting everything for HeXen II
    HeXen II Files - under development
    Me at Facebook - want play hexen2 multiplayer write me
    hexen2 ftp
    hexen2 maps, mods, addons, etc, torrent


    • Tried H!zone: it's not so bad, it's quite good, much better than awful stuff like the !zone series for doom, quake, warcraft2 and duke3d (probably wizardworks only good release with starcraft: retribution)
      Make Quake Great Again


      • Originally posted by Mathuzzz View Post
        I remember once I found Hexen Goremata soundtrack, but all the links were dead. Could you please upload it or send it to me please? I really like Hexen music. Also what are those Ambient packs in heretic and hexen?
        Sorry for bumping such an old post! But I am the formerly-known Goremata. If there's any interest in the Hexen soundtrack here it is:

        And if you're interested in Quake-style ambience I have attached my YouTube channel


        • HeXen is my preference between the two. I played Hexen and Hexen 2 in cooperative mode with a friend, and both games were fantastic for them. One of the few remaining PC games with co-op, and one of the few that makes you think. (this is more accurate regarding hexen 2) I appreciate how both games utilize traps.
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