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    GREAT !
    Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

    "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


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      Dear all,

      some more comments:

      If you dont like the extreme player bobbing while walking, skyjake gave us a wonderful cvar for that:
      View-bob-height (default =1)
      A value of 0.5 is great.

      If you played through all the official maps of Heretic / Hexen, be sure to play the fan-made ones. They have a great quality too.

      Biggest archive I know (with detailed description, reviews and benchmarks): klick me hard

      You can easily load fan-made maps (= "wads") in doomsday within the console:
      load my.wad
      (replace "my" with the wadīs name you want to load)

      For Hexen, the biggest and best episode you cannot miss is:
      The Mage's Tower of Hexen (site has just been updated)

      Have fun,


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        nice job with the update 3 compilation/repack. very nice , thanks


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          Thanks Seven!


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            Small update: fix for the Corvus model (player) in Heretic, you can find it here: Corvus-FixSkins.


            FPS Source Ports


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              Hello Spinvis,

              Nice to see you back in action.
              A warm welcome hug to you in Africa !

              You forgot to post that there is also a new High res decoration released in the meantime:
              The brown pillar.

              Hope to see you more often again now my friend.

              Best wishes,


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                Thanks Seven, totally missed that update.
                FPS Source Ports


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                  Is there a way to make the FOV larger? I'm playing Hexen and it seems like everything is kinda zoomed in. Perhaps I'm used to FOV 110 of quake.

                  Also, the new textures look awesome!


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                    Hello Magnus,

                    It depends on the engine you are using.

                    I think that all engines support different FOVīs though.
                    That is really a standard feature.

                    If you use Doomsday you can find FOV settings in the options panel:

                    In other engines you may need to use extensions/shortcuts. I dont know.

                    Kind regards,


                    • I'm using Doomsday Engine Frontend 1.2, I got the latest beta from the doomsday page.

                      I've uploaded my launcher pic. I've never seen anything that looks remotely like the picture you posted.

                      When I load hexen it has the same menu hexen did back in the 90's.

                      I installed this: deng-1.9.0-beta6.9-setup.exe
                      Attached Files


                      • Ahh I see Magnus.

                        The control panel to adjust the FOV is INSIDE the game.
                        So, what you want to do is:
                        - start Hexen (with the "play" button).
                        - once in game, press "ESCAPE" key
                        - move one position down to "control panel"
                        There you go

                        Have fun,


                        • thank you!


                          • Hi guys, just been playing JHeretic in doomsday again today and can't help noticing theres some things still undone, namely; Iron Liche death anims and Desciple's death anims. they are still sprites and need modeling/particle effects adding, I only mention it because I'm not sure if I have missed the new models or if its just my pc playing up and they are fine for everyone else.
                            OR, of course, if they are still to-be-done...

                            any info on this would be greatly appreciated...

                            thanks in advance


                            • i am never seen this be done somewhere, still lack with it
                              Hexen:Edge of Chaos: News - my most awaiting game
                              Qtracker - for easy searching of Quake and HeXen II servers
                              HeXen II: All Source Ports List - i am collecting everything for HeXen II
                              HeXen II Files - under development
                              Me at Facebook - want play hexen2 multiplayer write me
                              hexen2 ftp
                              hexen2 maps, mods, addons, etc, torrent


                              • oh, that sucks... guess we have to keep playing the-waiting-game eh?