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  • Heretic1 + Hexen1

    Thank you Baker for setting up this sub-forum.

    Due to most of Quake1 players have some nostalgic blood in their veins,
    I thought: Why not create a thread about the grandfathers of Quake ?

    Most of you know about the engine you cannot avoid when playing those goodies:
    Doomsday Engine

    But some of you maybe dont know, that there are already finished remarkable
    High Resolution Packs availabe, that you cannot affort to miss.

    On top of that, the newest Doomsday build 1.9.0-beta6.9 (which is also available for
    other platforms) gives you the feeling of playing a brand new game.
    With tons of features: Beginning with the ability in playing it with standard
    mouse/keyboard setup; over to the ability in adjusting every little thing in
    a comfortable ingame options menu; not ending in the modern graphic features like:
    shadows, ligthing, particles, halos, AF/AA filter, real 3D models, .... etc

    Screenshots from Heretic 1:
    , , ,

    Screenshots from Hexen 1:
    , ,

    Due to the fact, that those High Res Packs are not easy to find (even in the Forum),
    I uploaded the newest versions for you (all Links below).
    I spent recently many hours and days searching in the internet and like to save your
    time in doing the same again.

    - Install Doomsday engine (latest beta 1.9.0 build 6.9)
    - You only need the "wad" file from your Heretic or Hexen game
    - In Doomsday Frontend Menu you can adjust shared settings (for all games)
    or game specific settings (like adding the High Res Packs).

    1.) For Heretic HRP:
    Mark Heretic on the left, then click in addons tab the '+' symbol and navigate to
    the folder which contains my extracted "" subfolder.
    Mark "" and click "install".
    Now finally check "jheretic Resource pack" on right addons tab. Like this:

    2.) For Hexen HRP:
    Mark Hexen on the left, then click in addons tab the '+' symbol and navigate to my 2 files:
    "Hexen High resolution Texture Pack for jhexen 20100714 only textures.pk3"
    (you must not extract pk3 !)
    and the extracted "Hexen Community Collection Pack V1.20 11-01-2008",
    which contains: "jXCCP.pk3"
    Mark those two .pk3 files and click "install" (one after the other)
    Now check those two positions (and nothing else !) in addons tab. Like this:

    Start the game (with "play") and do all your adjustments in the in-game options:
    - "control panel" (this is the modern one shown in above screenshot)
    - for HUD and control adjustments use the corresponding other options

    Attention: You can setup the HUD like this (for maximum fun):


    UPDATE 1
    Thanks to Spinvis for his Link to the new forum

    New Heretic1 Gargoyle Monster (just released: 20100906):

    New Heretic1 Wand Staff Weapon (just released: 20100908 ):

    New Heretic1 Skull in Main Menu (just released: 20100831 ):

    New Hexen1 Afrit Monster (released: 20090814 ):

    To use the new stuff, you must know, that Doomsday has a override function for addons.
    So after you installed and checked the new addons (like described above),
    simply right click on one of your addons and choose "load order".
    Here you can tell Doomsday, which addon shall be loaded "last" !
    This one will override all previous loaded models with same name/type,
    and you will see the new models in-game.

    Simple and genius


    UPDATE 2 ( 2010-10-08 )

    I did the following in Update 2:

    1) Rewrite installation instructions (from above). Made it easier to understand.

    2) Got the newest Heretic Pack "jhrp-20090703" and modified it with these additions:
    - New Gargoyle Monster is included now
    - New Skull in Main Menu is included now
    So you need less files now (which means less installation trouble).
    New Wand model is the only thing, that must be installed separately. Sorry.
    - All HUD-Weapon models are corrected (they had wrong offsets)
    This means, you could only see a part of the in-hand-weapon.
    Which is corrected now. Optimized for FOV = 100 !

    3) Modified newest Hexen Pack with these additions:
    - New Afrit Monster is included now
    - Older but much better Ettin Monster is included now
    - New Title picture in Main Menu is included now
    So you need less files now (which means less installation trouble).
    - All HUD-Weapon models are corrected (they had wrong offsets) similar to Heretic.
    This means, you could only see a part of the in-hand-weapon.
    Which is corrected now. Optimized for FOV = 100 !
    - Deactivated the ugly new 3D models for: 3rd mage weapon and 3rd cleric weapon.
    You will see the original Sprite models now for those 2 weapons now.
    - Some new GUI-skins for visual improvement.


    UPDATE 3 ( 2011-03-22 )

    I did the following in Update 3:

    Implemented ALL the new stuff, that has been released since my Update 2:
    - New Items 1.1 by Psychikon
    - New Decorations by Psychikon
    - New mace weapon skin by osjclatchford
    - New High Res textures by inkub0
    - Killed the wall-torch-bug
    - Made the new wall torch model appear (has been overriden from old model)

    It was almost impossible to get all of the above new replacements work
    without changing and modifying many of the jhrp1_01 box contents.
    Many contents have been interfering with each other.
    I had a real struggle to make it happen this time.

    In addition to that, I made a ALL-IN-ONE pack for Heretic for your convenience.
    (before there have been 2 seperate files, you had to download)

    I hope you enjoy playing those nice games.

    If you have further questions, I will be happy to help.


    Update 2014-08-12

    For Heretic, as far as I know there has not been made any new files since my last update, so I re-uploaded the Heretic compilation. If you are interested, download it from here: DOWNLOAD

    For Hexen, there is a very active person, who does a lot of great things and work for it at the Doomsday Engineīs forum: veirdo
    He made/packed a complete new Hexen resource box file: jxccp 1.31
    The only other thing you may need/test, is his weapon remake project
    With these 2 downloads you are perfectly done and up-to-date for Hexen 1.

    Kind regards,
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    When I first heard about doomsday...4 years ago, I was really fascinated. Immediately I played through all 3 series(doom,hexen,heretic). Then I realized, that it isnīt same. Sprites had their charm and high resolution with detailed textures just show how dated the environment is. These games are meant to be played at low resoluton. It mainly broke the immersion in Hexen, which is half-remade(modern model in front of old pixelated sprite) and has some issues with performance.

    On the other hand, sometimes I just run it to look on how great some models, effects and textures looks like.

    I still recommend at least one playthrough to everybody to see, how great these old pieces can look like.


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      Thanks for the post and instructions Seven. Been playing Heretic and Hexen for a long time now with Doomsday, i think i discovered it somewhere in 2003 when i was looking around how to play Doom on "modern" machines. I really loved it. Meanwhile i switched to Risen3D for my fix for the Doom series. Still using Doomsday for Heretic and Hexen though.

      I have the following addons here on my work computer, excluding the addons that you got on your list Seven, (i got more (older) addons on my external HD at home) too bad they are not all fully finished yet and there can be some weird problems so when a model/texture is missing you'll get low res sprites/textures instead:

      Heretic: (jHeretic texture pack)
      jhrp-20090703 (jHeretic Resource Pack: models, hud, weapons, ammo, monsters, etc..)

      jHeXen_CCP_v1.20 (jHexen Resource Pack: models, hud, weapons, ammo, monsters, etc..)
      jHexen_Reflections_v1.1 (Used to set up all the reflections used on surfaces)
      jHexenrain-20060522 (Rain for a few levels of Hexen)
      jxrp-aug-2004 (Some additional/different models for Hexen)
      jHexenextratextures (Extra textures)

      Addons i got from home:

      HexenShineExample.pk3 (hexen light maps)
      jheretic_Ded_patch.rar (heretic splash effect, tougher monsters, special effects, more blood)
      jhereticpFull.rar (heretic hud, models, weapons, monsters, etc...) (same as above, newer verion) (same as above, newer version) (heretic textures)
      JHereticTP.rar (more heretic textures) (heretic HUD user interface pack) (hexen lights, reflections) (same as above) (hexen model pack) (same as above, later version maybe?) (hexen sfx high quality sounds) (again more hexen textures) (hexen HUD, user interface pack)
      kurikai-hexenrain-20060522.pk3 (rain for hexen)

      Plus i got the Sycraft high quality soundtracks for both games, they are really nice. Other then that i also have loads of Doom addons, both for Doomsday and Risen3D...

      Let me know if somebody is interested, then i'll try to put it up somewhere on the net. Also since the move to the new Doomsday site and forum, the older addons are really hard to find since they didn't put them back up for download, but maybe and hopefully they will do so again in the future once they release the final of Doomsday 1.9.0.

      Btw this is a link to the new Doomsdays forums: Doomsday Engine
      Here you can find additional new work, like a new Gargoyle model for Heretic and a new Afrit model for Hexen for example.

      Edit: Seven, this might be a nice addition to your post: Sycraft Heretic and Hexen soundtracks

      Edit2: Full list of addons that i got for Heretic and Hexen added.
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        Now THAT are some tasteless ugly graphics.

        How can you even look at something like and not weep inside.
        Quake 1 Singleplayer Maps and Mods


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          Heretic has always been pretty ugly looking, I recommend not looking at the environment too intensely while playing.

          Gameplay is great fun however, like DOOM with an 80s fantasy setting (Masters of the Universe!).

          Hexen has a somewhat more interesting and cohesive theme, better level design, and better artwork, but the gameplay is more like Quake (ie a little on the sluggish side compared to DOOM or Heretic). Monsters are a little more involved than Heretic's as well. Lots of traps and moving stuff in the environment, which modern shooters (and custom Quake maps) do all too little :-/

          Both games have their merits.

          For Linux users, I recommend these engines:

          HHeretic and HHexen

          ZDoom is also able to run both Hexen and Heretic, IIRC. All you need is the wads.

          Oh, and to complete the listing of non-DOOM, DOOM-engine games:

          STRIFE is another DOOM based game that can be run in ZDoom, I think.

          And finally, yes, the creation of this subforum was a good move. It might bring a few breaths of fresh air now and again. It is good if Quake doesn't become isolated, but can be constantly compared to other games. Playing other games is not cheating on your wife, it broadens your horizon.
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            I am very happy that this thread has so many feedbacks.

            Thank you for all your additional tips and Links.
            There are very good new packs to find.

            @ Spinvis
            I am very interested in your file: jhrp-20090703
            my jhrp is from 20080611 (Link in my 1st post).
            So yours is newer. Unfortunately the newer pack is no longer
            available in any forums/pages.

            Thank you so much.

            I will add the new stuff I find in 1st post afterwards.

            Best wishes,


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              I am love these games =). I am use GZDoom for me it best source port.
              Hexen:Edge of Chaos: News - my most awaiting game
              Qtracker - for easy searching of Quake and HeXen II servers
              HeXen II: All Source Ports List - i am collecting everything for HeXen II
              HeXen II Files - under development
              Me at Facebook - want play hexen2 multiplayer write me
              hexen2 ftp
              hexen2 maps, mods, addons, etc, torrent


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                I like the morning star in Hexen, which is pictured here. Pretty satisfying weapon.
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                  You are absolutely right gb.
                  This picture shows the original morning star model.

                  Thank god you can switch on and off every single addon model in DE if you like.
                  So you can setup your personal best combination of old and new skins/models.

                  If this is what you meant gb. Maybe I misunderstood you.

                  Your german friend


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                    I love hexen and heretic, but I prefer the original sprites.

                    The models are poorly lit in the engine, the animations are sloppy, and the texture packs make it look too cartoonish.

                    This is true for Doom as well. The ONLY model i actually liked was latest classic rocket launcher model. Everything else was an eye sore.

                    HeXen is probably my favorite of the two. I played hexen and hexen 2 through coop with a buddy, and they were amazing games for them. One of the few pc games that actually has coop still, and one of the few that causes you to think. (this is more true about hexen 2) and i like how both games use traps.


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                      Oh, I just meant that I like the morning star as a weapon. :-)

                      As an idea, if you will.

                      I also like how the Hexen morning star looks. Really brutal. In general, a lot of the sprites in the game look pretty good.

                      I remember this one room in Hexen that has a lot of rising and lowering pillars in it, and you must make your way across without getting squished... this requires you to actually look at how they move and use good timing to stay alive.

                      In general I like the rusty looking theme, I find that pretty similar to Quake. The first level is no indication of what's to come.
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                        Maybe the project need simply a new texturer... XD but i'm already occupied
                        Thank you! i discovered Risen3d... and it's great
                        Ia! Ia! Shubb Niggurath!

                        "Not dead is what forever can wait" (HPL)


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                          UPDATE 1

                          I added the new and VERY beautiful stuff in my first post, which I found in the new DE forum.
                          Thank you Spinvis for the hint !

                          I highly recommend you to download and use them.

                          Links in attachment are updated.


                          I think many of you didnt know, that there is a official Mission Pack for Hexen1.
                          It is called: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel.

                          So now is the right time to play this fully packed new adventure.

                          - Hexen High Res Textures and Models work in the MP as well
                          - The newest build of DE: beta 6.9 doesnt load the MP, but previous: beta 6.8 does !
                          You can install both version in parallel. There is no problem.
                          Just call the second install folder "Doomsday6.8" or something like this.


                          PS: I desperately am looking for this file: "jhrp 20090703".
                          (itīs the newest Pack for Heretic1. Itīs size is around 60 MB)
                          If someone has it and reads this, please upload it.
                          I will then share it with everyone in this community.
                          File received

                          If you have further questions, feel free to ask.
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                            Originally posted by Seven View Post
                            PS: I desperately am looking for this file: "jhrp 20090703".
                            (itīs the newest Pack for Heretic1. Itīs size is around 60 MB)
                            Those new screenshots you uploaded looks good.
                            I searched internet and found just one torrent with the new jhrp.
                            Attached Files


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                              Thank you very much Mathuzzz for your help and effort.

                              I also found this torrent here.
                              The problem about torrents are, that people must seed it.
                              If there is no seeder, there is no downloading
                              At the moment it looks dead, but I will retry it daily.
                              Maybe one day I am lucky.

                              Anyhow, if someone else has it already on his harddisk:
                              You are my man

                              Thank you,

                              Jeank already found the file "jhrp-20090703" and sent it to me.
                              Thank you mate !
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