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Anyone remember a game called Strife?

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  • Anyone remember a game called Strife?

    This was a fps by Rogue, I believe. Was one of the last games, if not THE last to run off of the DooM engine. Supposedly the source code for the game was lost. For those that don't remember it and don't wish to google it, it was kind of like an RPG/adventure on a fps platform. From what I understand, Quake was originally going to be something like this game. I wonder if it is possible to "recreate" a game like this without the source code. It sure was a fun game.

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    I remember it, but did you sure source code is lost? because GZDoom support it flawlessly.
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      I played the demo on ZDaemon once


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        The actual source code is lost, yes. I read something about that once. I'm sure it's still downloadable and torrentable somewhere. I think I got it successfully working on ZDoom once, but it took some finaggling. But I read something that releasing the open source for modification was impossible due to some kind of system crash resulting in the source codes being completely wiped.


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          I played through the original game at one point but as I remembered it was quite long.
          I've also later tried the Vavoom Doom port which was the first to run Strife.

          Found this on wikipedia:
          "A game engine recreation of Strife was created by Jānis Legzdiņ (author of the Doom source port Vavoom) by means of reverse engineering, as the original source code to the game was lost by Rogue Entertainment."
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            Nice! Guess that answers all my questions


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              Strife: The greatest game you've never played.
              I seriously can't stop playing it since I found it a few months ago. I only wish that the story was a bit more flexible, so you couldn't make any game-breaking decisions (unless of course your death is inescapable).

              I'm certain that [G]ZDoom, Skulltag, and Vavoom support the game. Apparently Doomsday was going to, but that project was abandoned or something.


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                Check this for a complete lists of ports/engines to play Strife and other FPS: FPS Source Ports

                Awesome classic game btw, played it a loooong time ago together with Rise of the Triad.
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