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Quake 2 Super shotgun model

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  • Quake 2 Super shotgun model

    Hi everyone

    This is it, I decided to finally share my first attempt on 3D modeling, animating and texturing with this
    Quake 2 super shotgun.

    Beware, it is absolutely not perfect and it has severe artistic flaws. But hay, someone has to start somewhere and make a proper learning curve.

    The package is made for the Berserker port but it will also work in KMQake2 port without normals, don't know if the port supports it.
    If anybody would like to have a version for a specific port just ask it.


    Cheers! Have fun and take care

    Sorry forgot to say how to enable the new model in Berserker port:
    in the q2b_config.cfg change line hunk_model to seta hunk_model "10485760"

    Hello to the forum and a happy new year!

    It was some time that I was thinking on starting to do some 3d modeling and along texturing.
    To see what the people of this nice community can do with their work brought me to start something myself.

    To not ruin something that is already done in Quake 1 I decided to start with modeling something for Quake 2 instead.
    For my first 3D model ever I decided to make the Super Shotgun which is my favorite weapon form Quake 2.

    So the first mission is to make a high poly model of it, than a low poly model some UV mapping and in the end texturing.

    As is my first model ever my knowledge of modeling is pretty low so any kind of advice, suggestion on working praxis is really welcomed….

    So here it is a picture of my current work in progress, it took me three days sigh…, a lot of trying and error so far.

    A big THX and cheers!
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    Hello Helloween,

    I wish you good luck with your project.

    Just in case you didnt know it:
    All Quake 2 weapons have been done for Quake 1 already: click me
    Kryten made this mod called: Q2 Weapons Project
    Maybe you want to sneak into it to have something to compare...

    Best wishes,


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      Hi Seven,

      Thank you for the nice words and of course for your splendid work
      with your constantly evolving mod.

      And here it is after another day of hard work, the next step in my project.

      I think that all is going quite well so cross the fingers…. I’m trying to stay as faithful to the original as I can.
      The only thing that worries me is that the model is becoming a little to edge.



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        Hello Helloween,

        Even though your model might be edgy/blocky, dont let this let you down.
        Everybody started like this.
        We have a saying in Germany:
        Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen.
        Keep this in mind and continue your work.
        I can recognize the Q2 shotgun in your screenshot.


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          Hello again Seven and the forum,

          I've redone some part which seemed to me a little to edgy,
          but in the end my envision of the Super shotgun is blocky itself.

          I finished the high poly model and have to start on the low poly one.
          I'm targeting the berserker and kmQuake engines, so if someone knows
          on how many polygons we are restricted here let me know.

          And yet again, any good advice are really appreciated…


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            hrm, looks really good. Is this your first attempt at modeling? What program are you using?


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              Hi KillPixel,

              Yes this is absolutely my first attempt in 3D modeling.
              For the cause I use 3DS Max and a lot of YouTube video tutorials.
              At the moment I'm working on a low poly model and I'm really exited
              how it will look in game…..



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                very cool, looking forward to seeing how it looks in game as well.


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                  looks pretty darn good. would love to be able to have this in my egl quake2. its one of the weapon models which hasnt been redone yet
                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                    I'm with everyone else, looks really great so far Helloween. Keep updating here if you will, I like seeing the steps of progression leading to the finished gun.
                    Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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                      @splitterface thanks and hope we can all enjoy it soon enough

                      @damage_inc I'll keep you all informed with my progress every big step I make in my project

                      So here it is at last the low poly model. I have reduced nearly 48.000 polygons from the high poly model to come around 4.000 of the low poly model.
                      I won’t go further with the polygon reduction to not damage to much the shotgun form.

                      And now off to backing UV maps….



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                        OK guys I'm back.

                        I've encountered lots of difficulty’s with baking and rendering. I had to redo pretty much all the work from scratch.
                        So far have learned an incredible amount of knowledge but in the same instance I know that this is just a little drop in the see of 3D modeling.

                        I finally finished baking the normals for the low poly model and I'm really happy with the results.
                        Some profs could still find some little errors but for the first baking it is fine for me.

                        I also made some provisory diffuse map just to try to assign some color and material to the model and try it in game.
                        But here I and all lost. I searched a lot thru the web for some comprehensive tutorial for implementing models with
                        normals and textures in the Quake 2 game but didn't find nothing useful.

                        Started with the conversion of the low poly to a mesh and exporting it to md2 format.
                        Than packing it with normals and diffuse map into a pk3 for KMQuake but inside the game can see just the mesh I think….

                        So any help would be really appreciated!


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                          Hi guys,

                          I don' know if constant posting here on my project make any sense since it doesn’t gets too much interest.
                          But as I promised at the beginning I'm keeping you informed with my progress.

                          As I didn't know that a model must be compiled and defined it's skin path, I was doing a lot of head banging to
                          finally acknowledge why do such program's as Npherno compiler even exist.
                          Then the next big step was to be able to make a good conversion of the mesh from 3DS max to the MD3 format.
                          I think that I’ve searched really the entire forsaken net to find some decent plugin for blender and so one.

                          So you can imagine my happiness to actually can show you the image of my Super shotgun model from the game.
                          Bare in mind that it still doesn’t have the proper texture. I just drop some painting on a diffuse map to see if it's all working fine.

                          Now I have to do some nice textures which will be a real pleasure confronting to the MD3 file importing. So finally!



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                            nice job! even with out proper textures it still looks great! i also like that logo you put on the stock. nice touch.
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                              Dude, I've been lurking and waiting to see how it turns out. I'm very impressed, even as it is it looks freakin' great. I'm currently learning some other quake related stuff, trying my hand at QuakeC and modeling is next on the list. Down the road I will likely try to tap into your knowledge. Good job bro, your progress is very encouraging.