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Quake 2 Super shotgun model

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    sweet, i love it

    and yeah, same for me. ive been kinda excited to see more, its cool to see you got it in-game.
    cant wait till its fully done and we can use it too as hud-weapon

    but its already really cool to see you got it in-game in first place
    please do keep us updated on any progress

    also, its nice to see someone working on quake2 stuffs. its not as uber-awesome as quake1 but its still a really cool game too i think, and its quite neglected by many sadly. so its real cool to see you working on quake2 stuffs
    are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
    > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
    everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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      Repeating what the others have said, I love the look of the model you're working on and definitely interested in your updates. I didn't have any thing to add when you asked for help/advice.

      Looking forward to seeing it textured,
      - damage_
      Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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        Hi guys

        Thanks for your compliments and nice words.
        In the mean time I changed a little bit my plans and started with the animation for the first person view.

        It's the first time that I have animated something so I've made just the gun, to not lose much time if it wasn’t working in game.
        But all went perfectly well. Even in my sweetest dream I couldn't imagine better. I have redone the original animation, tried to not change anything…
        I will rework it with the animated hands in the weekend.

        Sadly I have to tell you also the sad part, which is that the quality of the model deteriorates drastically with the conversion from 3DS max to MD2 format.
        I had to use MD2 format because I don’t have a MD3 converter for the model and the animation.
        I was able to convert the first rotating model directly from Blender to MD3 with very little loss in quality.

        So please if anyone knows of a good MD3 converter let me know. I have searched the entire web for some 3DS max 2013 “working” plugin but with no good result….



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          Hi there!

          After a weekend spent on Quake 2 modeling I finally found a way for converting my model to MD3 format without going through the MD2 route.

          Now the model retains the original aspect as you can see if you compare this image with the image of the earlier post.
          I've lost a little in the animation fluidness but it doesn't bother me as much as an ugly FPS model.

          I also decided to make the gun barrels a little bit shorter. Please make some comment if you’re passing by this thread.

          Till next time,
          Have fun…


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            MD3 format, hrmmm... does that mean we could use it in Q1 with Dark Places? Will it be compatible*?

            Quick question though. In your last pic the gun takes up quite a bit of the image, is it cropped? Hope so

            No matter how it comes out this is learning for you but by the looks of it it's going very nicely, great job. I always look for your new posts to see how you're coming along

            Thanks for the updates mon',
            - damage_

            *I fully can't remember yet all the features of the various engines and such, sorry.
            Name's damage_inc, and killing is my business. Don't worry though, it's nothing personal! Oh wait... maybe it is


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              Great model. Nice clean bake. You really need to work on the textures though.

              Misfit Model 3d will convert several different formats to MD3, and Blender can do it as well with an exporter that you can find on

              damage_inc - yes, DP will read MD3's. Especially if you just rename them from .md3 to .mdl in the PK3 file


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                Hi Tea Monster,

                Thanks for your kind words.

                I would like to ask you for some help with the MD3 conversion. Yes I found that plugin for Blender and used it for the static model conversion.

                The problem for me arises with the conversion of the FPS model with animation. Really I can't find the perfect way to do it. If I'm going true the MD2 route the animation is fine but the model loses a lot of detail.

                I tried to export the model and animation with psk and psa file which gives me perfect model but quirky animation. The best would be the fbx format but after saving the animation from 1-62 frames goes to 0-100 and when converting to MD3 in game looks wrong.

                So I'm bagging you for some help here can you describe your way for converting to MD3 file.

                About the textures yes this is just provisory painting just to see if the model works in game. After I finished the model and animation I will do the textures.

                Thanks in advance

                @Damage_inc about the pictures you asking is just a different FOV settings in KMQuake and Berserker engine.


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                  Here, try noesis.

                  Seor Casaroja's Engineering Oasis


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                    Thanks’ for the tip silverjoel, I'm using this little beauty quite for some time now and is really handy.

                    With the help of Tea Monster I could finally find a solid way for converting models with animation from 3DS Max to MD3 file format.

                    If it can come handy to someone else this is the path to go:
                    3DS Max to collada file
                    Importing to Blender
                    Resetting and correcting the animation timescale in Blender
                    Finally exporting to MD3

                    Believe me or not, it took me three days to finally done it correctly and without Tea Monster help I may never succeed.



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                      Hi guys,

                      In the last two weeks I made some changes to the model, finished the animation and textures.

                      I've reduced the size of the gun barrels, which from the FPS view now looks better.
                      I'm also quite satisfied with the hand model, maybe it looks to skinny but sorry I've got to much feminine hands.

                      About the animation, I have to say that I dumped the animation of the hand, because I couldn’t find the way to implemented it in the MD3 model.
                      To learn how to do it would take me another week and I was eager to finish the super shotgun.
                      If somebody can direct me on a good tutorial on how to animate weapons with hands please do it.

                      And at last I would like to receive some feedback, so I can change or do better for the final release, or implement your opinion and knowledge in the next model making.

                      THX and cheers!


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                        lookin good!
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                          I like it.Could you share the MD3?
                          May be too intense for some viewers.
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                            @syluxman THX!

                            @bluntz when I'll finish the texture detail I will upload it and post a link.
                            I think it will be ready for the weekend or earlier.


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                              That's fine if you don't want to share it now,but at least back it up to the cloud somewhere as we have seen this sooooo many times over the years.Someone puts in a large investent of time and the model looks great and POOF.
                              HDD crashes file corrupts ect....
                              May be too intense for some viewers.
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                                Ehi Helloween, which port do you use? It looks like Q2 Berserker from your screenshots. I've seen a youtube video with a Quake 1 mod that converts not only your weapons to Quake 2, but also monsters! I can't find it. If someone got the link please post here!