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Between quad and pent interview

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  • Between quad and pent interview

    I am proud to announce that I chose Rook for my second interview. It is an honor to finally meet up with such a legendary player.

    Zord: Hey thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Ive been wanting to do this for a while.

    Rook: Oh my pleasure.

    Zord: So how did you get into quake ?

    Rook: Well Ive always been a computer nerd. I thought quake looked pretty cool so I picked it up.

    Zord: Whats your favorite thing about quake?

    Rook: Well Id have to say the gibs and multiplayer action

    Zord: lol, So can you share some of your quake tips, how did you get so good at quake?

    Rook: Just practiced a lot

    Zord: What do you think about the future of quake?

    Rook: I think its making a come back,

    Zord: Would you mind touching my buns?

    Rook: Not at all,

    Zord: Thanks for making time for this interview Rook, I appreciate it

    Rook: You're welcome

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    One word: Insightful.