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  • BSP texture replacement

    What other texture replacement programs are there?
    I've tried Adquedit and TexMex and they both don't seem to work

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    try quark
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      What is the easiest way to replace textures in a bsp?

      Is another program/method used? Or how can I do it in Quark?

      Actually, is there a way to update the textures in a bsp from a wad?
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        Hey Ranger.

        TexMex will only allow you to open/create texture wad files. These files merely hold textures used by the game and (with the exception of gfx wad where health bar icons are called from) do not interact with the game after compilation is over, as the BSP has the texture information embedded in it. Load a BSP model into a model-viewing program and you will notice it's already textured without calling on any wad files. Wads are useful for uploading textures to map editors, but don't have much application as far as I can tell beyond that.

        Many enhanced engines are set up to externally read image files for replacing textures with higher-quality ones, provided they are located in the correct folder of your engine's directory. I believe DarkPlaces does this. A link to some info on that right here. I myself have never done this, and I damn well know there are some guys around here that can help you much better than I can. But I'm fairly certain you won't be able to do what you're trying to do through a wad file editor.
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          The easiest way to replace a texture is to simply stick a new texture with the same name as the one you want to replace in a folder named "textures".

          Your other option is opening the source for the map (if you have it) and manually replacing the textures, then recompile. There is nothing ideal about this method. It is actually the most time consuming and retarded route you could take BUT if you have the map source it might make it easier to determine what the name of the texture you want to replace is.

          I'm just guessing at this, but maybe darkplaces or FTE has some kind of var dump that will list the name of every texture in the map. I don't know how to find that information for you, otherwise I would have posted a more definitive answer here.

          TexMex will only allow you to open/create texture wad files
          and open BSP textures (ex ammo boxes)...

          Edit: Waitaminnut, if you can open BSPs for their textures in TexMex, then you should be able to open an entire map in Texmex and get a list of all textures and their names. If so, then that is your method for retrieving the names of the textures you want to replace.

          Tested: works like a charm
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            @madgypsy: mod_texturelist
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              Different engines handle replacement textures differently, Sounds like maybe he does want to extract the bsp and recompile even though it is indeed much harder the result would be more cross compatible.We did get a bsp to extract in blender with a plugin from the 2.4 builds for Phenom but it was a major pita.
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                In DP should be: r_listmaptextures
                and condump

                Trying to put high resolution textures into a bsp should be avoided.
                Replacement texures is the way to go then...

                Some engines also support .link files.


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                  This idea is for Spike:

                  How hard would it be to make a simple gui that loads all the textures in a bsp and if you were to select one of those textures, an open dialogue pops up allowing you to chose a replacement image?

                  I'm not real savvy when it comes to understanding BSP raw data but my educated guess is that the raw image data is partitioned off in the BSP somewhere. If so this means that you should be able to simply parse out the old image data and inject the new image data... leaving all other bsp data unscathed.

                  The absolute end result is a completely unfucked with BSP with the exception of replaced image data.

                  Is that possible/realistic?

                  I got this idea when I was testing TexMex to make sure it would load all the textures from a map. I noticed TexMex will only save the images as a wad, and not back to the BSP.

                  This confused me. You can parse all of the images out of the BSP perfectly but, you can't inject new ones back in? That doesn't seem right. Seems like half a job was done on that feature.

                  I think it would be a neat tool to have and you probably have 90% of the code already written in one form or another.
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                    if you refer to editing the bsp itself, no. not feasable. lightmap resolution is strictly tied to the size of the texture, and the embedded textures are strictly 8bit. thus there's no point editing the bsp because the chances are it'll just end up looking even more crap.

                    if I recall correctly, adquedit supports replacing mip textures in much the same way that it supports editing wads.

                    or you can just move your replacement image to textures/foo/*.tga if you want map-specific replacements.
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                      Damn, you are fast.

                      I don't need this tool. If I was going to mess with maps it would be from the ground up. I was thinking that people that want to do replacements with a one size fits all method would find this useful. Also, instead of packs of textures for maps, people could just release their map.

                      I wasn't necessarily referring to high-res images, though.
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