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  • The Ultimate Quake Collection...

    I'm serious... Would it be possible for someone to have the ultimate Quake collection? I'll give you a few examples for clarification... A cup with a Quake logo on it, a microwaveable oven with a Quake logo on it, a customized Quake-themed cellphone, etc.

    Some people cannot get enough Quake, namely me.
    "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)

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    a house shaped like the 'Q'
    with a garage that lets you come out of the bottom spike area with an underground crypt full of computers all hooked to one server with 0 ping and 250 and all the monitors are at 200hz

    then add the fact that you have full sculptures of all the enemies in the game and all the items laid out on a shelf


    this is just my dream house <3
    wew lad


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      look for your local imprint shop... im sure they will make you anything...