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  • What clans have you been in?

    Not sure if anyone's done a thread like this before, but just out of curiosity, I'd like to see if anyone else remembers all the clans you've been in since playing Quake. Feel free to list clans you were in for Quake 2, Quake 3, ect.

    I know I was in one or two more for like a week, but I can't remember what they were called. Here's all the ones I do remember being in

    TT - The Tremors
    AoD - Angels of Death
    GotH - Guardians of the Heavens
    Lt. - Lieutenant (Quake 2)
    eSx - east SIDE eXtremists
    TU - Totally Useless

    Brief description of each clan -

    The Tremors was a clan I made with someone I had met when I first started playing. The name was supposed to be a reference to 'quake' as far as tremors go. We probably had 3 or 4 members before I lost contact with them (keep in mind when I played I never knew of any quake forums, so yeah...)

    The Angels of Death was one of the best clans I was in. We played a lot of rune quake and head hunters, and it was a pretty big clan as far as members too. We did a lot of clan wars too and were very good! My friend that recruited me was named Doomhammer. I lost contact with them and eventually joined the next clan

    I hardly remember anything about being in the Guardians of the Heavens, other than just remembering that funny acronym for the name.

    I stopped playing Q1 for a while and went to Q2, so I decided to pick a different name so I went with Stonewall like the confederate general 'Stonewall' Jackson. This would have been when I was in high school. I met Lieutenant and we had a website and all. We wore Mortal Kombat Subzero skins.

    When I came back to Q1 was when I met eSx, and found out about TLTQ. Afterwards, we eventually disbanded and I joined TU
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    Dont recall the years.. but from start to finish

    Circa 1996-2002
    BK - Brave Knights
    KE - Kaotic Elements
    TK - Total Kill ( west coast )
    UP - Universal Powers
    NP - NePtune - Clan Neptune - Homepage

    I had a few others i was in but those only lasted a few short days or weeks not even worth mentioning.. NP was the longest. Technically still in it if we were to all still playing til this day.
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      In chronological order...

      DG - Deranged Gerbils
      TM - TECHNO Mario
      KJ - Kill Joy
      QG - Quake Gods
      wSx - \/\/357 $!|)3 Extremist
      SNS - Since Ninety Six
      Quake One Resurrection
      Great Quake engine

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        [DC] - Dogs of war clan
        [BUM] - Don't ask
        [TU] - Totally Useless


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          Netquakclans I played for in this order:

          LOD : Legion of doom
          Isdn-K : isdn-killers.(clan i launched)
          TOG : The old guys.
          XJ : forgot where it stands for... ;-)
          QUAD : Quake Army Of Darkness ( my current clan, yes I'm still a clanmember )

          I played for some Division1 and 2 , 3 quakeworld clans too but I keep this for myself...
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                When I was playing Quake a lot back in the day I was in several. I don't remember the names of most but the one that stuck was on MPlayer. It was the Quake Mercenaries. Such a clever name!


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                  [Crow] the old old one, circa 97
                  [Borg] which became [SK] syko killers, which became [SaW] soldiers at war
                  [X] which existed for about a week and a half
                  Then finally [TU].


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                    Anyone remember a clan called EEL? Way back in the day. Mostly played on, but continued on into net quake for a bit, I think.

                    Clan leader was EELxJethro.

                    Any help?


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                      [COBRA] clan since 1997 to ...


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                        [DC] for my sins.
                        [BUM] The horror... The Horror...
                        [TOG] (almost) I miss KingCamp

                        *Burns - You should have said 'Demonic Core'. No one will remember or query unless witnessing current gameplay. Kudos too!
                        *Xeno is also part of the 'Drumroll' clan!
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                          Clans in order

                          PoD Pack of Destroyers (clanmates still active ; SmokeJ)
                          MFR MotherFuckeR
                          pK PainKillers
                          wSx WestSideXtremists (I was eastcoast go figure)
                          eSx same as above,only in correct clan! haha
                          Inf Infamous , active clanmates are r00k and Bluntz
                          SNS active clanmates Phenom
                          KP active clanmates Tremor,Soupa,

                          honorable mention : clan Grape , which was originally just a note for the affection I have for the flavor grape. Many friends followed suit. active clan mates , more than can accurately account for,would miss people.
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                            AG - Ambiguously gay duo, it was a 2 man clan, just Spoon and myself.


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                              MFR Novmode ahoy
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