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Announcing a new Future vs Fantasy Quake Server!

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  • Announcing a new Future vs Fantasy Quake Server!

    Hey guys,

    I'm happy to report that Gunter's enhanced FvF is back. Here's Gunter's full announcement from the FvF forum:

    "Announcing a new Future vs Fantasy Quake Server!

    Thanks to BizarroEvade, Gunter's FvF mod is up and running at: or

    If you've tried FvF before, you know you love it! If not, then come and give it a try.

    In FvF, you pick a class from a selection of futuristic or fantasy archetypes, such as Cyborg, Android, Sniper, Ninja, Monk, Mage, Cleric, Fighter, Doom Marine, and of course your old favorite, the Quake Soldier. Each class has a different play style and a completely unique selection of weapons.

    It sounds simple enough, but there's really a lot more in FvF than you might think. There are many interesting and unique little touches you won't find on any other server.... Just connect and take a look around and see for yourself!

    The server is usually in Quest mode (because that's what people seem to prefer), in which the players team up to fight the (much tougher) monsters. You gain XP for each kill (bigger monsters are worth more points) so that you can gain levels, which provide you with more weapons, ammo, and armor even after you die.

    There is a vote menu that will let you change various settings (type "vote" in console), such as switching to Deathmatch or Purge mode (similar to CTF).

    You can connect and play on the server without having to install any files* -- it runs completely server-side. However, if you do download the files, it will enhance your experience with modified skins, models, and sounds. You can grab the client files from the download section of the site: Future vs. Fantasy Quake

    *caveat: Fitzquake Mark V will crash if you don't have the client files -- it does not handle missing skins very well. However, Fitzquake Mark V is the "officially recommended" engine for playing FvF, because it is small, fast, and looks really good without drowning you in too much eyecandy. You just have to make sure you are running the FvF client files to use Fitzquake Mark V (download from the main site, above). There's also a whole page on the site to help you get Fitzquake Mark V set up and configured to look great: Future vs Fantasy -- Fitzquake Mark V page

    *Also note that any version of ProQuake past 4.38 will have issues displaying the vote menu -- the text will get chopped off and you won't see all the options, due to some "string safety" stuff in there....

    Qrack and Darkplaces should have no problems.

    See you there!"

    Source: Future vs Fantasy Quake • View topic - Announcing a new Future vs Fantasy Quake Server!
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    Sounds pretty cool, I'll take a look into it shortly.
    wew lad


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      Looking for something different I have given this mod a try over the last week or so and, although I think it's fair to say it takes quite a bit of getting used to, it can actually be quite a bit of fun when you give it a chance. I've still not got used to the weapon systems but for a newbie like me looking for a little fun it makes a refreshing change.

      My thanks to Gunter for playing such a supportive role during the games and being such a gracious host.

      Kind regards

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        I have heard and read a lot about FvF, but never gave it a try...
        Your description sounds very promising and I hope a lot of people will join Gunterīs server.
        A lot of effort has been put into this mod.
        Best wishes.


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          [ame=]s08e09 - YouTube[/ame]


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            Thanks, Mom

            I should probably point out that Gunter has expanded FvF quite a lot over the years, and what you see on the server will be quite a bit different from what you see in that video. For one thing, the monsters are much enhanced.

            I may try to post my own youtube video, showcasing the mod as it currently stands, but we'll see...


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              Just downloaded the fresh files/maps again.
              The setup instructions are noob-friendly indeed, within 3mins I was online coop'ing with Gunter.

              Monsters have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, fast ass zombies with grenades, the "force" being used against yourself and more.

              4 out of 5 quakers recommend this mod.
              That 1 quaker who didn't is now locked in a room with an angry rottweiler.
              Some play to remember...
              Some play to forget.


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                Glad to see FvF is still up and running


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                  FVF rocks. We had a super chill reunion on there the other night, gonna try to make it again soon. It's a cooperative mod so it's laid back