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Quake Team Fortress Statistical Analyses

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  • Quake Team Fortress Statistical Analyses

    Some of you may have come across my massive set of QWTF matches, but recently I've decided to try and grow my data scientist skills with some actual analysis of what I've got.

    I've produced two studies.

    The QWTF (QuakeWorld Team Fortress) Comparative Weapons Study is a series of comparisons of weapon pairs-how much was weapon A used versus weapon B. For example, did the Medic get more frags with his Super Nailgun or with his Super Shotgun? What about his Hand Grenades?

    The QWTF (QuakeWorld Team Fortress) Clan/Map/Weapon Study compares weapon usage by many of the top QWTF clans from the late 1990s and early 2000s on the most popular maps.

    Lots of pretty graphs in both!

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    WoW! Great analysis! I was especially shocked by the Medic. Maybe because I never bothered with the nailgun myself. I found the super shotgun to be much more reliable to get a kill but I have to admit I am use to playing TFC and I am guessing the gameplay is much different. At any rate, I love this! Thanks for sharing!