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  • Quake 1 in VR !

    Hi everyone .. new here, but coming to post something I thought you all will like.
    You can play Quake 1 in true virtual reality right now !! What you need is the Samsung Gear VR which is a $200 headset that only works with the Galaxy Note 4 or S6. If you don't have one of those phones already it's probably not worth investing into one right now as Carmack is set to announce the consumer version of the Gear VR in a couple of days at Oculus connect. However this is the best device for it as you are not tethered to a PC by a cable, so you can keep making 360's.

    Anyway .. if you DO have one of those phones, do out and grab a Gear VR today and download the app called 'SideLoadVR', inside there you will the able to download (shareware version) of Quake 1. Plunk in your original PAK file and you have the full version obviously.

    It's good. Very good. The performance is really smooth, controls are using a bluetooth controller + the tracking of the headset. You look to aim. Best experienced in a swivel chair so you can easily and quickly turn around.

    Be warned, this is a very intense experience in VR and may make some people nauseous. Especially things like strafing are a little tough to take for your brain It's trainable though .. so if it's hard on your stomach at first, try a little longer each day.

    Anyway, thought the true Quake fans would enjoy this.

    There's a subreddit for this :