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Best Quake Player Ever Per Game Type?

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    I remember Gohan Probably him as far as Runequake. I don't know any of the recent players or any of the other game types, so eh.

    Am I posting on a thread necro? I don't know how fast things move here anymore.


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      I'm the best Quake player ever in ALL types. I know what you are thinking "WTF R U TALKING ABOUT!?"

      I'm talking about the fact that I've died about 40 umptillion times and I keep coming back to life . None of you have successfully killed me dead forever. You do not mess with The Jeff


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        rook, kimp, armor attack,


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          Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
          I've died about 40 umptillion times and I keep coming back to life
          So were all of us Quake players all around the world. Your point being ...?


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            My point being that I suck. relax...

            Oops, why am I entertaining you? I only have 4033 posts, 182 positive reps, my own rank, 24 friends and 5 years on you here.

            You're like 25 posts above dog rank. Go fetch :throws gib:
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              I really wish I could "like" posts in this forum. Hm. Is that possible with modern forum management software? Or is there something like a patent covering likes from FB or something?


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                i dont even count rune quake as a mod. it the autistic version of quake.

                DM/ctf/ca/ra only lol


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                  Originally posted by boshthegreat View Post
                  i dont even count rune quake as a mod. It the autistic version of quake.

                  Dm/ctf/ca/ra only lol
                  Quake One Resurrection

                  Great Quake engine

                  Qrack 1.60.1 Ubuntu Guide
                  Get Qrack 1.60.1 running in Ubuntu!


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                    Quake one was my first.. maybe that's why I'm browsing this forum for memories heh..

                    Anyways I only played Clan Arena for a few years, thinking 2008 was the last year I played. I did a quick search of my name and of course I see the posts about being banned or the accusations of being a cheater (aim bot) -- which was one of the reasons I took a long break from playing FPS games.. (yes I had the same problem in counter-strike too).

                    When thinking back there are only a few names that actually come to mind..

                    Rampage is probably my #1 pick because out of all the people I played against (some were very good) he was the most consistently difficult player I encountered, one mistake and you'd be dead.

                    Other players that come to mind as being very good are: Krix, Turtlevan, Bosh, and WhySee (My Brother).

                    I reminisce about the old times when me and my brother were playing... I do miss playing


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                      basy come play ctf on sundays


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                        Aw, man, best QWTF player doesn't come up as one of the questions? Lame. Although you can't really pick one "best" QWTF player because, being a class-based game, you could pick many players, each of which is best at one class.


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                          Nobody could use the 3wave hook better than Vis, Crackdog, and myself. My 2 cents.


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                            Nobody could capture a flag faster than us 3. Period.


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                              i tried.


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                                Ha, I know this is a necro bump but wow was I full of myself. O_O

                                Still think my lists, sans me as I don't think I was ever /that/ elite, are solid though.