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  • Dopa

    Happy birthday Quake!

    Here's some slightly more interesting news than the imminent release of Quake Live 2...

    I haven't played it yet but as soon as I hit the "Submit New Thread" button I'll be booting up Quakespasm for a new bit of official Quake.
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.

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    That's a superb gift from Machine Games! Make sure to add that info to the news about Quake's 20th anniversary


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      This is awesome! I Just added it to the growing crop of news. If you guys see more 20th Anniversary news, let me know!


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        This gets better and better!! Thank you machine games!
        'Replacement Player Models' Project


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          Was playing on Nightmare.

          Just got to Dark Days.

          I am rethinking my difficulty choice.

          Will return to it in a while.

          Nice map design, balanced well, textures all lined up. Awesome.
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            I just beaten this and here is what i think about this mod.

            It is awesome. I think you all should try it out. When you launch the mod you are welcomed with nice demo, and changed default map (so you dont have to put anything in console or autoexec). Map that is loaded when you choose to start the next game is a really nice skill level choosing level. Looks awesome, and shows, how much mappers care about details. You need to see it yourself.

            When you choose Difficulty you start the game (of course :p). First two maps are made just like First levels of original episodes of Quake. Millitary bases, slipgates, textures like from science fiction, and stuff. Next levels resembles episode two, and then EP three. There is even a level with those pipes, we all love. Worth noticing is that there is not much flying monsters, and there is no piranhas, at least on normal Difficulty, but there is a ton of shamblers and vores at the last levels.

            When you reach the last level, you'll be suprised by how much it resembles original last level, from 1996. You dont fight shub-***** but this level is still the most difficult, just as the last level should be.

            When you beat the last level you are took back to the skill chosing level. It is a shame, for me, because there is no epic text, which we all love, just at the end of each episode of original quake. This is the only issue of this mod though.

            To be honest, i dont really like any games made by machine games, but this mod is propably my new favourite mappack for the original quake. Not only because of nostalgic and beautiful level design, but also for it's compatibility with vanilla quake, and even the PSP Proquake.

            Highly recommended.


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              I just finished it too. I agree a bit of text to wrap things up would've been nice but other than that I thought it was fantastic. It's obvious that they took a lot of care in the level design, monster placement and texture choices.

              What a fantastic gift for Quake's birthday. Thank you Machine Games.

              I just wish it got a little more attention from the gaming press. The Quake community could really do with a shot in the arm.

              Anyway, so has anyone found any other celebratory maps or episodes?

              EDIT: Heh, I just noticed that my OP was my 100th post. It only took me 10 years!
              I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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                Finally the secret 5th episode was found...!

                This release is something that should be a sticky in the "Quake Central" subforum.

                It came out of nowhere and should not vanish into nowhere after 1 or 2 month, when a lot of other threads pushed it to 2nd page.

                Please, if this site still has admin/moderators save this amazing 5th episode by J. F. Gustafsson from disappearing after some time.

                It hits the nerve of Quake. Finding a great balance between oldschool and new detailed map design. Fantastic !
                It really deserves the title: 5th episode.

                @ Grzybiarz
                The author focused on an episode with original gameplay/content, not a mod.
                To write a text at the end of it, you would need a mod.
                You can make this mod by the way. It is not difficult.
                Just look at the original qc source to see how it is done.

                By the way, everybody should download the slightly updated version of this episode from quaddicted with a newer e5m1.bsp.


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                  For those who like them (I hope) I've done RTlights for Dopa as a guy on Facebook requested them, grab'em there:
                  screenshots gallery here:

                  Reccomendend Lightmaps valor: 0.600+
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                    Originally posted by Blood Vengeance View Post
                    For those who like them (I hope) I've done RTlights for Dopa as a guy on Facebook requested them, grab'em there:
                    screenshots gallery here:

                    Reccomendend Lightmaps valor: 0.600+
                    I love you

                    Also how do I set Lightmaps valor
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                      Is it r_shadow_realtime_world_lightmaps? and if so what lightmaps valor would you recommend for id1, hypnotic and rogue?


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                        hehehe,I downloaded Dopa explicitly to check out this....

                        E5DM - The Theater of Doom (Deathmatch level (2-6 players))

                        oHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP

                        Obviously I will try the E5 campaign, but damn it

                        E5DM - The Theater of Doom (Deathmatch level (2-6 players))

                        Thanks Machine Games !!!
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                          Originally posted by Duke View Post
                          what lightmaps valor would you recommend for id1, hypnotic and rogue?
                          Which brand of beer do you prefer ? Or which type of women do you like ?
                          There will never be a universal answer.

                          Play with the values yourself and find what suits you the best.
                          There are so many things depending on visuals:
                          - your monitor
                          - your monitor settings
                          - your in-game light options
                          - your replacements that you use
                          - the maps that you play
                          - ....

                          There are also so many cvars that affects lighting, contrast and visuals. Most of them are stored in your config.cfg.

                          @ Mindf!3ldzX

                          So there is no more only DM3 in your life ?
                          Then it was worth it Machine Games !!


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                            Are these maps already vised with colored lighting or are they intended to be played with the standard Quake executable?
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                            OriOn's ID1 Model Fixes for MP1+2
                            LIT/VIS files for Quake addons


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                              I'm playing with Dark Places and the texture pack and I've got missing textures. Anyone else have that? I don't have any problems with playing the vanilla game.

                              I'm surprised that there isn't more about this on the front page. We just got a brand new episode from a major developer fergawdzake.