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    @It's next to impossible to impress anyone around here with non-quake stuff

    This isn't entirely non-quake. Actually, it's (imo) impressively linked to quake. It will even generate QC to invent entities within the engine when it encounters map entities that do not exist within the chaosesque game code. If it's generating QC on the fly, it must also be using QC as the game code. All that being said, to some degree this is an evolution of Quake. IMO, embracing concepts like these (a long time ago) would have probably resulted in a much bigger quake community. And actually, embracing these concepts long ago may have changed the gaming community entirely. Imagine if stuff like this was being produced freely within a community like ours long ago. What would the big-box companies have to do to entice us to pay for their stuff? You like all the DLC crap in games these days? You buy a game and then you have to keep buying the rest of the game. That might not even be a thing at all if stuff like this had better support.

    I identify greatly with this guys skills and ideas.

    Note: Quake One maps will work in chaosesque. Each time one is discovered that won't load quakeC code is added to add whatever entity was missing.

    @election results

    We'll see. I'm definitely happy Hillary Clinton didn't win but, I'm not about to dump any faith in Trump's favor til I see some results. He is already filling up his cabinet with a bunch of swamp monsters and has all but completely abandoned the "Hillary for Prison" campaign. If I was to judge on so far I would say "third verse same as the first". I am far too cynical to believe in another stuffed suit spewing a bunch of empty promises. Show me the money. I quit believing any of these people a long ass time ago. I'm also surprised and a bit disappointed that so many people practically consider it a give-in that Trump is going to change anything for the better of the people. There is virtually no reason to believe he will if you think about it. I remain hopeful that I am wrong.
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      Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
      @election results

      I'm definitely happy Hillary Clinton didn't win
      That's the extent of my optimism as well. But it was enough to make me happy for a while lol.

      @ not-quake related

      100% agree.

      But I'll rephrase: anything that doesn't operate like original, out of the box quake. Stray any further from Quoth/AD and you've entered no-man's-land as far as a modder is concerned.
      'Replacement Player Models' Project


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        Originally posted by MadGypsy View Post
        @It's next to impossible to impress anyone around here with non-quake stuff

        This isn't entirely non-quake. Actually, it's (imo) impressively linked to quake.
        Most people interested in Quake fall into one of the following categories:

        1) Old skool. Might not even load a new custom map.
        2) Builder of some sort. Have own project. Makes textures, makes mods or makes something.
        3) Specific tastes: like maybe one or two things, like say single player maps and textures. Not interested in others.
        4) Steam newbie. Is lucky if their Quake runs and is twice as lucky if they can find where their Quake folder is. If they encounter a .zip with multiple folders in it, who knows what tragedy might ensue.

        There is not much of atmosphere around Quake where someone bright-eyed and bushy-tailed likes loading up new things. Their used to be, but those days have been gone a few years now.

        Quake had a larger pool of engaged casuals for a few years because cool things like PSP Quake and Flash Quake and Quake for devices (iPhone, Android) and Wii Quake and caused renewed interest in Quake. And for a few years those people remained.

        But it's been quite a while since Quake had anything that would draw much attention in a world with so many games and things to do. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

        So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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          you included flash quake...I know you don't mean Worldspawn but, it's nice to see flash get a bit of recognition. I wish flash quake was really flash though. It's flash wrapped quake treating the source as a native extension. Hardly the same thing. I mean it's a good example of how powerful flash is, it's running C(whatever) in it's VM but, an actual flash quake source would be sweet. I wonder how hard it would be to make a FlasCC build file for Flash Probably really really hard.

          *FlasCC lets you bring existing C/C++ code to the web, with high performance, across browsers.
          Leverage the entire Flash Runtime API from C++, deliver full GPU accelerated graphics, and reach over a billion people with no install using C/C++.

          It's a shame that the general consensus is that flash is dead. It's way cooler than html/javascript will probably ever be, and that statement would definitely be true if people would support the tech instead of trying to kill it with perception. Does Javascript let you use your native C/C++ code for web development? Adobe was in the process of creating AS4. AS3 is already a pretty solid language. I can only imagine that AS4 would have added Enums, Typedefs, True Abstract Interfaces and god only knows what else. It makes me really sad to see my favorite language die. I was basically forced into Haxe due to this. I like Haxe but I bet I would like AS4 more.
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            Release 100! For this release a new additional map was constructed; Saffer's War; A trench warfare map with a greek / marble-zone theme, and enough room to build and fly aeroplanes in (includes floating islands aswell). An opensource track by Snabisch is used for the musical backing to give an 8-bit flair to the map.

            Additional weapons also come in the pot: MG 08/15 for your WWI simulating needs and a portable Lewis Gun (though the mounted guns will get you much better accuracy (nixes muzzle rise).

            There are more building options aswell: barbed wire for the multitool when not in medeval mode, concerta wire for the utilitool, and small platforms for use in raising your mounted guns to the desired height (8 and 24 qunit increments).

            Additionally bugfixes to the building code for resource generation in teamgame mode.

            Enjoy Release 100!



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              ChaosEsqueAnthology release 117zzzzw

              Hi. A new version has been released. I've been working on city generation using the spawn arrays I added. All buildings have interiors, and most have level-of-detail models.

              The game has over 200 weapons.
              It runs quake 1 and quake 3 maps fine (darkplaces, and the q1 entities were added to the QC)

              Tell me what you think. It's all quakeC, all free / opensource.

              (Download links are there)

              It also has buildable buildings etc, and many maps, about half from me.



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                Also Richard Matthew Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Movement (which lead to Open Source, and also the GPLing of Quake) did nothing wrong, nor are his supposed views on cute young girls wrong. Only woman-worshiping job-seeking wage-slave white men hate him because he offended the religion of theirs: the worship of MUUHHH WHOITE WUUHHMAN (BETTER A MILLSTONE), etc.

                Free software was better before the wage-slave whites invaded it; when it was just BASED Slavs, Jews, And Nerds (who whites rejected). Now the whites demand that everyone worship "MUUHH WUUHHMANNNNNN" and CANCEL any proud Prophet who says: Nyet: man exists NOT to serve "MUUHH WHOITE WWWUUHHMAN": stupid white cattle. Man should rule over the cute girls clearly, as the Prophets of old did (this enrages the white cattle "MUUUUUHHHH!!!!! MILLSTONE!!!!".
                Download the update, there's new maps too.

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                    ChaosEsque anthology has forked Darkplaces and a year ago coded support for up to 4 million entities networkable. Porting the FTE Quake feature. The source code and linux binaries are available on the ChaosEsque anthology ISOs.


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                      ChaosEsque anthology supports heightmaps and modulation of heightmaps by another for spawnarrays.
                      So if you want your spawnaxonotic20211226231711-00.jpgrray in the shape of a gear you can do it. If you want it modulated by a checkerboard you can do that too,