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"Future vs. Fantasy" was recently featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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  • "Future vs. Fantasy" was recently featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Lately, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a pretty large online gaming publication, has had a couple featured articles about Quake mods.

    The most recent one provides a brief description and some memories about FvF.

    It's not a long write-up, but I thought others might be interested in seeing some older Quake mods still being discussed on a pretty large modern gaming site.

    Speaking of...are there any FvF servers up any more? There are still a couple in the servers list, but they seem to be defunct. I used to play with Gunter et al. a lot way back when.

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    Hi, Arma

    I don't think any FvF servers are still around, certainly not Gunter's. Even the forum is gone, with probably no plan to revive it.

    I'll email this article to him, though.


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      Oh... and here's a little something I sent to Gunter. Seem familiar?


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        By the way, this is what Gunter is doing these days: (tinyvast)

        Gunter sez: "I just set up the Twitter; be sure to check out the Benny Hill video I recently made and posted there."


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          Hey gulliver. Good to see some of the old FvF players still around! How have you been?

          It's too bad that Gunter's FvF is gone (for now, at least), but I'm glad to see he's still working on gaming-related stuff. I'll have to try out some of his Android games when I get some time.


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            I've been alright. Surviving

            How about you, sir?

            Gunter also made some homebrew Wii game a while back. You might ask him about it.


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              The problem was that he never shared the code. So I always knew that FVF would die when Gunter left and I tried to convince him to share it. Now, Gunter's gone and FVF is gone
              You gotta share your stuff for it to have it's rightful life after your death


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                FvF is totally gone now? What a shame... but then, so are the majority of the players who played there. I thought a server was being hosted, but I guess that went away too. Even the forums and the FvF front-end ( seem to have disintegrated... no way to even download the mod anymore, it seems, let alone the modified server files (which were always kept secret). Even my own copies of the stuff are long gone now (HDD that stored them gave up the ghost).

                I'd like to reach out to what's left of the would-be FvF players, but with no way to download even the basic mod, let alone the customized server progs... not much to do here.


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                  the server list here still shows 2 servers running FvF:

                  are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
                  > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
                  everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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                    Spooker: LOL he's not dead. Why not ask him for the code? I mean... don't get your hopes up, but if there was ever a time he might relinquish control, it's now.

                    Foq: You can download the mod from the link in the article that armaphage posted. It's still on that internet archive site... waybackmachine? Also, I have lots of stuff, even some zips, and Gunter has to have it. I provided way(s) to get in touch with him in this thread.

                    If enough people show enough interest in FvF, I bet there's at least some chance of reviving it, especially if someone is going to host. However, if you guys are just gonna hop on the server, wax nostalgic for a few days, and then disappear, then what really is the point? Just to know it's there? I'm not even saying that you should commit to playing regularly. I'm just saying... if you don't feel like putting in the effort to keep it alive, why should you expect others to? This isn't meant as a criticism, but rather a dose of reality.

                    I mean, I would at least like a copy of the forum backup (yes, it exists), but I haven't bothered to ask.

                    Heh. Maybe FvF needs a patreon page.

                    Talisa: Those servers are identical. servequake is just an old IP redirect service. It has pointed to a few servers over the years (X-Men's, Orl's dad's, foq's, and whatshisface's). Also, that server list isn't up-to-date.
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                      And if you do manage to bring it back, I suggest making some youtube videos for the sake of nostalgia and preservation.

                      That way, you don't have to load up Quake and run some old demos to reminisce.
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                        Hey Gulli what's up!

                        I know nothing about hosting mods or servers and I wouldn't be the right person to do it. FVF was sustainable and fun when there were enough people to constitute a community, so you weren't always playing alone. If Gunter gives it to us, what you describe might happen--play a few days then move on. But also more people might coalesce and it could build steam to have something resembling the old community--hard to know until you try. If you don't give it a chance, then for certain nothing will ever happen. Making it a sustainable thing couldn't come from 2-3 players, it depends on it building momentum from that initial base. So don't put the cart before the horse, count your eggs (or lack of eggs) before they hatch, and other cliche phrases that might not exactly fit here... you get the idea


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                          i have a /qw/fvf folder with models and sounds


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                            Hey Spooker-Dude. Nothing much up. Just obsessing over the election currently. Sup whichu?

                            I'm just speaking from experience when I suggest that it will quickly die off again.

                            But if you really want FvF to thrive (although, were you really missing it before you found this thread?) , then I suggest a patreon to cover the server expenses (like electricity) or to pay for a hosting service (like fatpipe or w/e is around these days). Sounds like Foq would be game to run one.

                            And if you want it to grow, advertise (that would be another use for having FvF session recordings on youtube), and definitely arrange times to play (e.g., "Friday Night FvF!")

                            Maybe arrange specific dates to have different quests with different map packs.

                            Maybe you could even have a separate patreon to encourage FvF expansion/development. Personally, I'd like to see seasonal FvF (like a Halloween theme next month, for instance).

                            In summary, the FvF you get is equal to the FvF you give

                            Anyhow, just some ideas.


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                              I am up for running a fvf server at no cost if someone could get the files...
                              My servers for the gamers:

                              port 26000 EuroQuake
                              port 26001 EuroQuake Coop

                              Offline ATM
                              Offline ATM
                              port 26010