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How did you first get started on Quake?

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    Hmm, many people are saying how they played Quake on Internet servers. My only Quake multiplayer moments were when I was playing Quake 2 - Coop or Die with my brother in LAN. Yeah, I've never played Quake against other players, haha.


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      Originally posted by Planetnine
      "This isn't a "How did you first get started on Quake?" related post at all, please try to stay on topic."

      I hope you are being sarcastic, although sarcasm shouldn't be used without an emoticon because sarcasm is not translated well across the internet.

      However, if you are being serious, get some perspective please. It was a friendly jest with the intent of bringing out further discussions related to quake, computers, and the internet from the 90s.

      If every post was required to stick strictly to the main topic only, then you would have to do some heavy policing. Which in turn would drive away people.
      It wasn't meant to be sarcastic and not directly aimed at you necessarily.
      I find it funny though how people think so stereotypical about Alaskans and even funnier that you asking if Oklahoma had computers in the 90's

      Also I don't believe in aggressive 'policing' and think people can police themselves just fine. Only when the forum rules are broken do I even care really.

      Take this thread for example:

      I frequently check this forum to see 'funny posts', some of the posts are distasteful and on many other forums would be removed and the member at least warned, but nobody is fighting or arguing with each other, so cool. The forum is also properly labeled and you know what to expect.

      Don't take what I ramble on about to serious, if someones outright breaking the rules and refuse to stop then it's time to get serious.

      The post was a joke, that's why it got really weird really fast... but it was on topic
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        I used to go to cybercafes because my computer at home would only play Commander Keen (which is awesome enough, anyway) and it was exactly at that point in time and space that I discovered Quake.

        Years later we all got hooked up on Quake3A and my computer at the time was actually able to run it. I've always liked Quake2 and 1 much more than Q3A, which I believe kinda broke the satanistic alien atmosphere of the first two games. It was fun senseless deathmatching, though!

        Lately I got a bit nostalgic and since I got some programming background, I decided to go back to Quake One and give Quake-C a try to do some simple modding...and that's pretty much how I ended up joining this madhouse.


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          I first played Half-Life, so I decided to play the game it was based on and wasn't disappointed. This must have been, oh, 2012.


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            I bought the CD at Walmart!


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              My friends and I heard about it some how back in 1996. One of us got the shareware install disc, but I remember my Win95, Packard Bell didn't have enough ram to support it!

              So, I would go over to my friends house and we'd take turns playing on his PC until I got enough money saved up over a summer to buy another 4mb of ram (Quake required 8 mb of ram at the time!). Once I got the ram, I played through the first Quake episode quite a few times but I mostly stuck to mulitplayer deathmatch. I didn't end up actually buying the game for a little while because everyone was still playing the shareware and I didn't have the money after the ram upgrade. Luckily you could still play DM on the Episode 1 levels.

              I got big time into the multiplayer, and I joined both and Mplayer to play online and I had a ball. I remember getting pretty decent because I won 2 prizes in 2 different friday night frag contests on (I got a T-shirt once and a cd wallet with the graphic on it the other).

              After that I discovered Team Fortress, played a ton of that too. I kept on playing through to Quake 2 and 3. I never really got into clans or anything, I never felt I was that good to join and practice. I'm terrible now, you can tell from my recent Quake Champions videos!


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                Originally posted by vanilla View Post
                My boyfriend, in highschool, was playing it. I sat down (FIRST EVER computer game) that I was HOOKED RIGHT away.
                My first clan was called FBI, which was a few kids who were younger than me, but it was fun.
                Then I joined Tung clan, which was ran by Tung-Man (George Tung) and pretty much was rivals to Crow and to others but mostly crow.. they were jerks haha
                I played on Mplayer (OMG memories)
                I just LOVED that site. I even became a Wizard and moderated different rooms (see me hear
                that was all before it turned to shit and Gamespy or whatever bought them out

                omg I miss that log in sound.. and how it would load up.. damn.. memories
                Go to


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                  Started playing back in 96. Had a 486 back in the day with a 800mb hard drive. Had to delete all sort just to free up some space to get it installed.

                  Once running it would only play smooth enough if I made the screen size all small as possible, like matchbox size. Small and pixelated but I loved it!

                  My mate used to pop over and take it in turns playing through the SP levels.
                  Got online using my 56k modem a couple times and enjoyed it, cant beat a nice 200+ ping

                  Played Q2 for a while, done the SP and DM online. Really enjoyed the CTF, got pretty into it online.

                  Lined up outside 'Electronics Boutique' back in the day to buy my Quake3 collectors edition in its tin boxed glory. Played a lot with mates and got the Team Arena expansion.

                  Bought Q4 and playing SP, never bothered with the MP in that.

                  Still enjoy Quake 1 more than any of them
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                    First played when it came out, at a friend's. I was drunk & stoned and got motion sickness (first and only time it happened) but instantly found the game super-ultra-mega-awesome. I was already a fan of id and NIN, so it certainly helped. Bought it a few months later when I upgraded my PC.
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                      I probably shoplifted a shareware version of the game from some store. I remember back in the day, I only ever played the 8 or so maps from the first episode, so more than likely it was a shareware copy. I didn't play it much though. Not long after that, Quake2 was set to come out, and I shoplifted a copy of a PC games magazine supplemental CD-rom from the magazine rack at the local grocery store. Got my first taste of Q2 from a Quake2 shareware/demo on that disc, and was solidly hooked on Quake2 from then on. You folks around here will disagree with it, but I prefer Quake2 to Quake1.

                      Yeah, I was a little fuckin' klepto in my teens. Stole all kindsa shit. Not proud of it at all, but it is what it is. Karma ended up getting me back though. My advice to the kids out there stealing shit like I did... don't. Pay for it. Only fucking loser assholes steal shit. You'll learn that when someone else takes YOUR shit one day.
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                        How can you shoplift a shareware? It's free!
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                        ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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                          "You folks around here will disagree with it, but I prefer Quake2 to Quake1." - Focalor

                          Oh, I don't disagree. I also prefer Quake 2, probably because of its theme and that fancy weapon bobbing. :3


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                            Originally posted by bfg666 View Post
                            How can you shoplift a shareware? It's free!
                            You have to pay for the disc. Nothing in this world is free, except jerking off. And stealing shit. But I already said don't steal shit. So jerk off instead.

                            Back then, you'd usually get your shareware copy of a game one of three ways...
                            1. Your buddy loaned you the disc.
                            2. You called the number you saw in the magazine ad, gave them your credit card info, and ordered a copy that would be mailed to your house.
                            3. You found a shareware version of a game at a PC software shop on the shareware or discount rack.

                            Remember back in the day, those free discs for an AOL or AT&T Worldnet 30-day trial that you used to find in PC magazines and in racks by the front door at Staples and Office Max? They said "free", but they weren't. When you signed up, you gave them billing info, and they included the price in those bills they sent you after 30 days was up. Or the advertisers from the adware in the ISP software paid for the discs.


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                              Jerking off now...
                              ♪ I'm skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain, just skiiiiiiinnin' in the pain ♪
                              ♪ What a glorious feelin' I'm haaaaaaappy again ♪


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                                Originally posted by Focalor View Post
                                You have to pay for the disc. Nothing in this world is free...
                                I always assumed everyone just scoffed at those shareware discs, as my friend and I did when browsing CompUSA.

                                I downloaded the Quake shareware (and Qtest) via CompuServe. Even before that, I was downloading demos from local BBS's.

                                The annoying thing about Quake is that the first shareware disc release contained the full version, and someone released a crack to unlock it. Silly me, I actually payed for the full game.