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How did you first get started on Quake?

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  • How did you first get started on Quake?

    While I always wanted to play Quake on my PC when it was first released, I never had the specs until years later; I did however have a really good friend who picked up Q3 for Dreamcast, and well the rest is history.

    How about everyone else? #nostalgia
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    My brother showed me a Quake III Arena when I was around 5 in 2002 and I was hooked. I then got introduced to Quake II by my other brother when I was 6 and enjoyed playing part of the campaign. I didn't play the first Quake until I got the Ultimate Quake pack in 2006 when I was around 9, I played single player all the time and couldn't figure out how to get mods other than skins and models to work.


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      1996. Had switched from AOL free trial to CompuServe. Downloaded Qtest. Played over modem with friend. Things were exciting then.


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        Planetnine is correct, and that was near the beginning, but I didn't think to go quite that far into it

        And Planetnine was called Moridin back then, and was one of the best CTF players around. I still remember him spying from his corpse camera, to figure out where I was camping the flag base

        I might not have joined DiY, but P9 and I both were in the Nox Ordo clan for at least one CTF match, though.

        Good times.


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          My boyfriend, in highschool, was playing it. I sat down (FIRST EVER computer game) that I was HOOKED RIGHT away.
          My first clan was called FBI, which was a few kids who were younger than me, but it was fun.
          Then I joined Tung clan, which was ran by Tung-Man (George Tung) and pretty much was rivals to Crow and to others but mostly crow.. they were jerks haha
          I played on Mplayer (OMG memories)
          I just LOVED that site. I even became a Wizard and moderated different rooms (see me hear
          that was all before it turned to shit and Gamespy or whatever bought them out

          omg I miss that log in sound.. and how it would load up.. damn.. memories


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            I got started with Quake with Qtest. I remember the first time I connected to an IP server running around the level and chatting with a guy in Sweden. My mind was blown! But before that I was playing Doom2 on the DWANGO server in Long Beach, CA. I made a few maps for Doom but once Quake came out I was hooked on mapping and DM for good. I've made a handful of playable maps for DM under different usernames over the years and I've released one SP map so far which was part of RetroJam 6. Some Quake related highlights in no particular order starting back in 1996:
            • Going to the 2nd Quakecon ever in 1997.
            • Quakecon 2000, 2001 and 2005
            • Meeting the Hipnotic Interactive guys in 1997 while they were working on Sin.
            • Seeing Thresh win Carmack's Ferrari in person at E3 in '97 (I think that was the year?)
            • Various SoCal LAN parties back in the day including GameSpy's notorious parties.
            • Hosting my own LAN parties over the years (we used to call them Quake parties at the beginning)
            • Building two identical Pentium 166 PCs with the V1000 accelerators in them to play VQuake with my friend Darin)

            So many memories. Right now I am working on a blog that highlights some of the things I listed above. I have a ton of video from the various QuakeCons and plan on doing some YouTubing soon to keep the Quake flame going for 20 more years!
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              started on beta in 1996.


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                Rich kid I knew had a P90 and the beta when it was released.
                Same guy owned an original StarWars Arcade cabinet too...

                I had a lowly 486dx2 66 at the time. I was just glad that I could run Doom in "high' mode.

                Good times.
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                  Started on the Nintendo 64 when it first came out for that. 6 years ago I googled ”make 3d games free". Google sent me here and I've been dicking around with various quake tech ever since. Except, I'm really more into contributing to Haxe at this time.


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                    Started late 96'. Was down in local net cafe to play Red Alert with a friend. Friend didn't show up. The Quake players invited me to join their FFA game... I was instantly hooked...The rest is history.


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                      PS: From back in the early days, shouts out to all the guys from [TBM], [TGH], [DUoS], [LOC], all my fam in [GOLD], [ILF] & [ND] and anyone else who played on, and + all @ Barrysworld. Fun times.


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                        Put in the CD, clicked Setup.exe, de-iced then double-clicked quake.exe, BAM! I got into Quake.

                        why are you guys being so dramatic?
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                          Quake 1:
                          It happened around 2016. I knew about Quake before that (since I'm a Half-Life mapper), but I haven't played until late 2016, I think. I was curious how Quake looked like, so I decided to install it.
                          When I first played it, I got stuck on the second level and I just didn't want to bother passing it any more. Then in 2017 I picked it up again but this time things were much better for me.

                          So, I also started mapping for it, just to see how "limited" it is. Apparently, it isn't so limited as I thought.

                          Quake 2:
                          I remember first playing this one in 2014. I was looking for a good, old FPS game which either had co-op or a co-op mod. My 6-year-old brother and I played it and we weren't quite good at it.
                          I actually finished this one, a week or two ago. I might make a map or two for it. :3

                          Quake 4:
                          Also in 2014, while looking for co-op stuff. I was also curious how Quake 4 looked like (I'm not interested in Q3A, sorry). This one lagged a lot on my almost-10-year-old laptop on lowest settings, and it also wasted a lot of space (for me, a few GBs is a lot since I usually have less than 15GB of free space).


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                            Quake 1, from way back in the days of PC gaming magazines. There was a demo for it in a magazine before it went retail. I gave it a try and was hooked! Purchased a copy and played some Rune quake with a school mate.

                            Later I hopped onto the public servers as BeastmasteR and found one of the best pro players online. Shout out to RoyalKnight if you're here, thanks for all the good frags!


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                              Originally posted by Planetnine
                              Did they even have computers in Oklahoma back in the 90s?
                              This isn't a "How did you first get started on Quake?" related post at all, please try to stay on topic.

                              But to answer your question, I wouldn't know - I lived in an Ingloo in Alaska back in 1996, which I had to ride a polar bear to the local fishing hole where a penguin gave me a copy of Quake 1 for my birthday, which I then took home and installed Quake 1 as my post above explains.

                              I beat the game thanks to my spirit animal named Brady guiding me every step of the way, thank you Brady, you really stayed with me the whole way.

                              Also (confession time)

                              I cheated 1/3rd of the way into he game by using God mode, Impulse 9, Impulse 255, NoClip, Fly and "map end". I then proceeded to cheat online and still do to this day, my Stoogebot is never ending chaos.

                              Once I conquered the foes on multiplayer Quake I moved on to where I have successfully once again risen to the top using the powers of God mode, Impulse 9, Impulse 255, NoClip, Fly and "map end".

                              If Donald Trump can not pay taxes and claim "It makes me smart" then I can cheat to win and it makes me smart. Suckers.
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                              Great Quake engine

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