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  • Headhunters Lives!!

    Frenzy made a HeadHunters server!!

    If you recall, in my story "Clash of the Cyborgs", round 2 of the 3-round war against QuadRaptor and another cyborg named Sentinel was the Headhunters mod.

    Headhunters was a game I played a long time ago on, way back when Runequake was called "Artifact" quake (on, and when was a huge CTF server. Those three servers were my favorites from long ago.

    Well, the past may be history, but HeadHunters lives again!

    Frag your opponents and grab their heads, then take them to an altar located somewhere in the map. The more heads you have, the more frags you get! You can even haunt other players after they put YOUR head on the altar and deal damage to them as a floating head! It's soo much fun, especially when there are a lot of players around!! port 26001

    Come kick some ass and grab some heads! You'll experience what Frenzy calls "the rush", when you have a bunch of heads and try to get to the altar without getting killed so you get an edge in the scores.

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      Decided to pop in there and noted the following:

      When I entered it was flickering between two instructional info screens. Couldn't figure out what the hell it was doing. I saw the count down for the next map change. But the portion that stated to hit 1 to start 2 for help didn't display properly with the flickering until the map changed.

      Hitting the forward key with jump allowed me to a constant move forward w/o hitting any keys. And I think hitting shoot and jump made my weapon continue to fire auto.

      Also noted there is no GRAPPLE!!!! and weapons are not constant. They require a respawn period.

      Maps are not votable at all?

      Runs more like Vanilla Quake with a Head Twist.
      Lifes a game.. It's time to Play! Pick your Poison.


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        No grapple is okay.

        Chuck had a version of the old headhunters (with grapple) merged with runes. I wonder if he still has it...


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          I don't care about the lack of runes. Would like Weapons to stay active and probably some form of vote map? Would prefer grapple but its ok if it's not there.

          Lifes a game.. It's time to Play!
 Pick your Poison.


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            Headhunters with runes is fun.


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              Headhunters Update

              The headhunters server will be instead of (had a slight problem with the dns on hh and that's why it wasn't that originally), fixed now.

              The maps aren't voteable, but that's what that flickering screen was that cameup for you. I haven't encountered the other problems you were talking about yet though, we'll see I guess.

              Not possible to mess around with the mod I guess since the source no longer exists (or so Vis told me), guess we'll see about that. If anybody can find it, please, get it to me.


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                i figure u might just as well ask slotzero to code a headhunters mode into runequake


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                  the reason headhunters is missing so much stuff that most players either take for granted now days,or are accustom to,is because its an old mod and hasnt been worked on in probably over 5 years. I could be wrong,but it has dust on it none the less.

                  and FYI , there has been a HH mod running over at for as long as I can remember. Along with Slide, AirQuake,and a ton of other mod's that arent main-stream anymore. Check it out,under the Server's Link
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                    True Mindz, but as for the headhunters server running on, there is no frag limit set that we can find, we played on it racking scores up to 460+ and it still gave no option to change map. The server map has been running for like 259837 and it's choppy as can be, no point in even connecting.

                    P.S. Ihoc players are newbies


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                      chucks version is very fun. i may have it somewhere on disc... that's almost hopeless...haha...

                      chuckee, where are you?