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Server browser ... activity monitoring graphs?

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  • Server browser ... activity monitoring graphs?

    Since servers tend to be mostly idle with occasional bursts of activity, it would be useful for the Server Browser page to show a graph of activity below each server that counts how many players are logged on, and when. This would help players find each other to play together.

    MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher

    Perl script to read the number of players on a Quake server:

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    The tool that queries the game server for statistics is called qstat. The original site mentioned in the perl script does not work, but the project is still supported elsewhere.

    It supports monitoring of a huge number of game servers:
    -qs qs 26000 Quake
    -h2s h2s 26900 Hexen II
    -qws qws 27500 QuakeWorld
    -hws hws 26950 HexenWorld
    -q2s q2s 27910 Quake II
    -uns uns 7777 Unreal
    -ut2s ut2s 7777 Unreal Tournament 2003
    -ut2004m ut2004m 28902 Unreal Tournament 2004 Master requires CD Key
    -hls hls 27015 Half-Life
    -sns sns 22450 Sin
    -sgs sgs 27888 Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
    -tbs tbs 28001 Starsiege: Tribes
    -t2s t2s 28000 Tribes 2
    -qwm qwm 27000 QuakeWorld master
    -hwm hwm 26900 HexenWorld master
    -q2m q2m 27900 Quake II master
    -hlm hlm 27010 Half-Life master
    -stm stm 27010 Half-Life master (Steam)
    -tbm tbm 28000 Tribes master
    -t2m t2m 28002 Tribes 2 master
    -q3s q3s 27960 Quake III
    -q3m q3m 27950 Quake III master
    -dm3s dm3s 27666 Doom 3
    -dm3m dm3m 27650 Doom 3 master
    -bfs bfs 44001 BFRIS
    -kps kps 31510 Kingpin
    -hrs hrs 28910 Heretic II
    -sfs sfs 28910 Soldier of Fortune
    -gsm gsm 28900 Gamespy master
    -gps gps - Game using "Gamespy style" protocol
    -gps gs2 - Game using "Gamespy2 style" protocol
    -d3m d3m 3445 Descent 3 PXO master
    -d3p d3p 2092 Descent 3, PXO server
    -d3s d3s 2092 Descent 3, LAN server
    -d3g d3g 20142 Descent 3, Gamespy protocol
    -rws rws 27960 Return to Castle Wolfestein
    -rwm rwm 27950 Return to Castle Wolfestein master
    -efs efs 27960 Star Trek: Elite Force
    -efm efm 27953 Star Trek: Elite Force master
    -efs efs 29070 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
    -efm efm 29060 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy master
    -grs grs 2346 Ghost Recon
    -etqws etqws 27733 QuakeWars server