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Quake Map Editor, any recommendations??

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  • Quake Map Editor, any recommendations??

    I am looking for a different quake map editor, I am using worldcraft 3.33. I tried to install the newest trenchbroom supposedly that was trenchbroom 2, run it but after installing missing .dll files it gave me an error message saying that it could not be ran. I am using windows 7. I have run into a lot of problems with worldcraft when using other shapes besides the cube, which makes map building harder to do due to the limitations of the cube shape.

    I believe I have checked out Qoole, didn't really like it.

    I checked out, QuArK, didn't understand it.

    I wanted to use GTKRadiant, but i don't understand it either, it was supposedly installed but I doubt it was done correctly. When I came across a thread about radiant the issue with it is that it is hard to set up. Anyway, what I am saying is I would have to redo the set up of it for it to work properly.

    I'm running Dark Places and this is supposed to be for Quake 1 (as classic as you can get), this is not for all the other types of quake out there like capture the flag and others.

    What editor would you recommend if you could recommend an editor?

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    Hello EARP,

    I am no mapper but I read a lot about Quake mapping.
    From todays view there does not seem to be a way around Trenchbroom.
    This forum is not the best place to ask about your specific installation problem.
    There are Trenchbroom threads at func_msgboard where all the mappers and even the author SleepwalkR of Trenchbroom are active and I am sure they will help you in no time.

    One thing though:
    The members of that forum do not like new threads to be started. They prefer using the existing ones.
    So I picked 2 Trenchbroom threads for you to place your issue:
    The TrenchBroom Level Editor
    Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series

    Hope that it helps you.

    Kind regards,


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      Thanks Seven,

      No, I didn't plan on going into detail about my installation issues here, I would do that where it is relevant. I was listing the editors I have looked at to see what another mapper might say about them or recommend. There are many maps that have been played that I am going to say where not created by any 3rd party map editor but instead from a propriety editor that no one has access to. From what I found on radiant it seems to be a powerful editor, however, I am not sure about it right now, it looks crude compared to how world craft looks the interface at least. I plan to see what is going on with the trenchbroom issue to see if that is an option.

      What do you mean by "From todays view there does not seem to be a way around Trenchbroom." Are you saying it isn't easy to use?

      I try not to post threads in a redundant sense and in wrong places but sometimes it can happen. I figured my post was in the right spot for general discussion.


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        Hello EARP,

        I am glad to see people could fix your Trenchbroom problem so quickly at func_msgboard.
        The mapping pros are there, willing to help everybody as best as they can

        Regarding your question:
        Sorry, english is not my mothertongue and I am quiet bad in it.
        It is more or less a phrase in my mother language that there is "no way around " something. That means that it is the best you can get.
        So what I meant was that Trenchbroom is the best way/option for you.
        It seems to have all the new stuff that was developed for Quake-like game mapping and fixes for the old bugs from previous versions and older tools.

        Now entertain us with your maps and help to keep Quake alive
        The guys over there will help you setting up Trenchbroom so that you can finaly start mapping.
        Please keep us updated about your map projects.

        All the Best,


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          Ok I understand thanks for you help. I did know about the other board and I may have posted there before but I didn't remember. I have been posting here asking questions and such about mapping in the past.

          I'd be glad to share my maps if you are up to playing them, I enjoy playing quake against other human players it is so much better than playing against a bot.



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            Hi Earp, is there a link where we can download and try them out by any chance?
            Kind regards
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              @Monty, yes i will give you a way to get them when i finish them. some of them are going to be a little different as to how things (entities) have been used in the game.