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What happened to this website?

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    Originally posted by Micro View Post that you?


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      Originally posted by Rampage View Post

      I'd rather some remnant than no remnant. The current alternatives aren't appealing (this website included).
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        Browns Back ,sad it is far too late...
        May be too intense for some viewers.
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          I'd say there's still hope.


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            Admer456 ~ I wouldn't count on it. This site used to have about 30 regulars. Now it's down to like 5 (or less). Not only did it have about 30 regulars but they weren't the same regulars. There was a bit of cycling where like 25ish people were "forever" members and there were about 5ish people that changed every 6 months or so. This was on top of another set of members that were here a long time but only participated occasionally. All in all you were probably looking at about 50 people keeping this site alive. That was before 2 years of abandonment and SPAM. In a way, this site is completely starting over. The community consolidated to func, quaddicted and Discord, as-well-as some people just quitting altogether. I don't believe it's so much about "Quake dying" as it is about a lack of confidence in this site. I spent an entire year working on NGQ every day and just one break killed my site participation. After 2 years someone popped in here and made the site brown and that was it. That is like 99.9% less work than it will take to put all of this back together. I'm not ragging on Efess AT ALL! He did a great job and has limited powers to work with. The facts are just the facts. There is no way in hell this site is ever coming back without a whole fucking lot of constant effort.

            You know what has a lot of potential to get big? Chip emailed me today and the tone of his message was one of someone who is ready to get a whole lot of shit done. Aside from fixing a bunch of stuff on QuakeWiki he was trying to see if he could get NGQ from me. I basically told him he can everything except the domain and only because I want it to completely die in my possession. Honestly, I don't know why he would want it. QuakeWiki is WAY more polished than NGQ ever was. NGQ has a lot of features. Many of which NO Quake site has but, graphically and layout-wise it is a huge turd. I put all my effort into site security and user-features with the mentality that my brown turd was way better than this former white one.

            Anyway, everything is proportionate. This site got a new skin and 4 people sort-of/kind-of came back. Now it's just about 5000 hours of continuous work and effort away from being something like a community again. Also, without Spike, Baker and Nahuel type people you pretty much have nothing. What are you going to build the community on? ... Answers to cvar questions and possibly supplying some lost links from time to time? It's not realistic or likely. Seven is basically the only person left with a huge point of interest to share and provide support for but, he doesn't develop anymore (it seems) so even that grape is dying on the vine.

            I've thought about contributing here. My threads no matter what they were got a lot of hits. People seemed to care less about Quake and had more interest in whatever whacky experiment I was working on when it came to me. The climate isn't right. If I do that at this state all this site is going to get is a lot of guests and I would say that something like 1 out of 100 (or more) guests actually translates to a member. If any of my guests translated to members it's doubtful their interest would be Quake. Basically, I could get people here but, this site wont be about Quake anymore - not that it's about much of anything right now.
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