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  • Just stopping by...

    Hope everyone is still good. I miss this game. My son (who now plays fortnite non-stop) told me to download twitch and I can watch some quake gameplay there. Pretty cool.

    At any rate, this has always been the best game in my life and I miss all the old days. Instead of rehashing, I'm just going to repost one that I made 12 years ago, below.

    PS- I can't believe it's been 22 years since I started playing Quake!


    Hi all,

    Been playing quake since late '96. Started playing dm online in late '96, too. I've been playing off and on since then and I can't believe it's been 10 years. I remember that Doom was the best thing out there and then all of a sudden Quake comes out. Wow. No one had ever seen anything like it before. Such great graphics and great 3d gameplay...I was hooked.

    I remember we all used Windows 95. I found this URL that was on an old backup tape (lol) that i had: Wow, what an old webpage.

    Anyway, I remember when ctf came out and threewave after that. Remember how PACKED the ctf servers were?! They were all packed no matter what time. I remember I would hop on the computer at 1 or 2am and they'd be packed. Also when we ALL were HPB's (I know u remember, too). Then around '97 more people had access to T1's or T3's at work, and some started to get cable modems. LPB's sucked!

    I was in some clans: KQ, COD, RUM, so many others don't remember.

    Anyway, I wanted to list some of the servers that I played on through the 10 years. The old ones sure were fun. Do you remember some of these old ones?
    House of Happy
    Clan RUM

    Quake has been and always will be the best game. No quake II, III, IV, or even 10 will ever compare to the sheer SHOCK that we all got when there was nothing else like it and played quake for the first time. Hooked for life.

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    Well, hello there.... just stopping by myself...... hey everyone! Wish I had time to Quake, maybe sometime soon!


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      Blimey! 2 old quakers return in as many days. In a couple of weeks we could fill a server - hehe.
      It's good to see players return, it reminds me of an old eagles lyric from 76 "You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!"

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