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Quake 1 Mission Packs as 1 CD?

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  • Quake 1 Mission Packs as 1 CD?

    Were the two Quake 1 mission packs ever sold as 1 CD? I ask because apparently it's sold on Amazon:

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    I remember it being packaged together later on after both had been released. I don't think that is 1 CD. I think it was one box bundle. I also see the picture of the two on the box. Even later of course there were even larger packages including the full game as well.

    I'm not sure if you are thinking of buying this or not. I bought the Quake: The Offering from GOG which is Quake and both mission packs. That is what I would recommend.

    I have the original Quake Shareware disc and the first mission pack disc, but don't use them.

    I bought the second mission pack when it came out, but there was some compatibility issue and there was no sound, so I returned it to Electronics Boutique and they took it back. I've yet to play through the second mission pack, but did play it a little when I got Quake: The Offering.