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    I havenít played Quake in probably 15 years. I play COD games and of course old school Nintendo, Genesis, etc. I saw a video of someone playing Q1 and was like WTF. So Iím fixing to find the game and install it. I used to play a lot back from 95/96 - 2003 or so. TD mostly. I remember different clans like ZT, U4, A1R. Playing in some and against a lot of them in 1 vs 1 on DM6. Any suggestions for anything new or servers I can check out??
    looking forward to it. Quake on!

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    Welcome back to the insanity. The MP scene is still alive but we need more players for sure. The best place right now, if you are in the states would be The US Quake Community Discord. They have events all week and they are good people.
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      Hi Torn,
      Sorry for the late response, I guess I must have missed this post.
      I must admit that the Single player Arcane Dimensions mod has got me hooked at the moment and is well worth a playthough. There's still a few multiplayers out there, especially at, if you look hard enough ...and Rquake servers on both sides of the "pond". In addition there are a lot of new maps and mods appearing courtesy of those talented mappers (dumptruck included) over at func and quaddicted.
      Hope this helps

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