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Ultrawide quake?

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  • Ultrawide quake?

    Hi all!
    I am new to quake, and had a blast completing the quake shareware on normal and hard. Only problem is that I am running a 21:9 monitor, and so everything is streched. I tried going into the settings files and changing the resolution, but that does nothing. Is there a fix, or will i just have to deal with it?

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    Try vkQuake or Quakespasm-Spiked
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      try this

      press "~" and type "fov 120" (without the quotes), press enter and "~" again. You may need to play with the "120" part til you find a number that looks good to you. 90 should be default. This cvar represents the amount of degrees that your vision spans. Higher numbers should reduce/eliminate the stretching but, your "peripheral vision" will eventually exceed anything normal and start putting things from behind you "in front" of you. In other words, your monitor may be so wide that you will always have some issue (or trade off) regardless of what you set this number to.
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