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Modding tutorials (sound triggers in particular)

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  • Modding tutorials (sound triggers in particular)


    Me and my friend have been talking about making a retro FPS for a long time. We drink beer, watch B-movies, and throw ideas around. "Wouldn't it be pretty fun if..." Lately we've been entertaining the idea that'd we actually do it. It's not something that really needs to be finished, but more of a fun project to tinker with when you have the time.

    The main joke would be that the player character would be the antithesis of a silent protagonist. Instead of grunting and moaning in pain, or uttering one-liners every now and then, he'd talk all the time. A bit like Duke Nukem, except he just wouldn't shut up for a second.

    Every time he'd kill an enemy, he'd hector about it. Every time he'd pick up an item, he'd comment it somehow. Every time he'd be hit, he'd complain. When killed, he'd yell something along the lines: "Diplomatic immunity, diplomatic immunity!" If more than a minute with no dialogue triggers would pass, he'd begin a monologue which would reveal something about his background.

    Of course, there'd be dozens of voice clips for each event. Different actions would have different pools of clips, selected randomly when appropriate. So you wouldn't hear the same thing twice unless you played a lot. Does DarkPlaces engine support that sort of a thing?

    More generally, what are the best available Quake / DarkPlaces modding tutorials? My friend is a programmer for living, and I myself used to mod a lot when I was younger. But we have no experience modding Quake. First we'd probably just add the voice thing. If that'd work out, we might make our own HUD, weapons, and maybe some levels. Who knows. As I said, it'd be, for the most part, a fun project to tinker with, but the voice trigger thing's a must.

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    Hi Miihkali,
    You might want to take a look at as they used to have a number of different tutorials for all sorts of modding requirements. Failing that you could talk to the guys and girls over on the func message board or the Quake Mappers discord community as we are starting to see a lot of new graphics, textures, models and sounds appearing in the newer generation of maps and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Come to think of it I believe the ever helpful dumptruck_ds did a tutorial over on his Youtube channel which might be of use to you.

    Hope this helps

    Kind regards
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