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how replace Quake Reforged texture in darkplace

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  • how replace Quake Reforged texture in darkplace


    I have darkplace engine I have tried to replace the scrag texture from this site:

    attached my folder.

    The monster is the some and donít change.

    Can you help me please ?

    Best Regards
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    Hi Marco

    Unfortunately I'm no Darkplaces expert and I don't know if this will help you, but I noticed the following info from the read me included with the alternative download file...

    This archive contains 2 folders:

    1) "For Qrack"
    2) "For Darkplaces"

    How to install

    To install the skins just unzip the contents of "For Qrack\qrack\textures\models" or "For darkplaces\id1\progs" in the relative folder on your engine. Replace everything and you're done.
    Of course use only one of two folders at once.

    If you want to use these skins in other engines, simply take the contents of the folder "For Qrack\qrack\textures\models" get the file ".jpg" and insert it in the relative folder "textures". For example, in Ezquake, simply insert it into "C:\ezquake\id1\textures".

    For proper and complete use, we recommend Darkplaces, particularly for the many effects built into this engine. Also visit our Teach Guide ( to improve the quality of Quake.

    Presumably you have tried the above? If so then perhaps one of the Darkplaces experts might chip in here.

    Kind regards
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      For this thread, the answer is in this link:
      It is the link that lawyers in covington ky usually refer to when they want the 'definitive' HD replacement.