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  • gmdm1 animated sky

    i am looking for an animated skybox that is spacy like on gmdm1 (this is a really well done map as for its design). i extracted the textures from the .bsp and there is a sky texture listed however, i am unable to obtain the sky box used in that map. i do not believe that using the lone texture sky8 within the texture pack will do the trick even if i were to attempt to create a skybox from this image. creating skyboxes is beyond this post so there is no point in discussing that.

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    Hello EARP,

    I uploaded 2 files for you:
    a) animated moving sky "Stars"
    b) static skybox "Stars"

    Screenshots of both see below.

    Unfortunately you did not mention what Quake engine you are using.
    First of all, please make sure that your engine of choice is supporting external replacement sky textures.
    I tested them on DarkPlaces.

    Rename them to the one that is used inside the bsp.
    Or load the skybox with the "loadsky" command.

    See also here for more infos.
    Have fun.

    Best wishes,

    animated (2 moving sky layers) preview:

    static (skybox) preview:
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      sorry your right i didn't mention the engine i was using. i am using darkplaces for my engine.


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        i am not familiar with the load sky command you are referring to, the way i know how to do a sky box is to create a sky texture, the 6 images related to the sky box is placed in the env dir and then in world spawn i set the key to sky and the value is the texture of the skybox i am using. are you referring to the console command where you type sky texture name or is this a different command? i will take a look at your post further...and thank you for responding.


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          Hello EARP,

          If you are using DarkPlaces, it will be quite easy to get the skies into your Quake (as shown in the screenshots above).
          Fortunately DarkPlaces is very modder friendly and even supports replacement dynamic/moving sky textures.

          Please follow these steps:

          1.) If you want to use the dynamic/moving sky textures:
          - Please create a "textures" folder inside your id1.
          - put the 2 files from the download under a) in there
          - start your map
          - The new sky textures will automagically be used

          2.) If you want to use the static skybox textures:
          - Please create a "textures" folder inside your id1.
          - put the 6 files from the download under b) in there
          - start your map
          - open console (with tilde key)
          - type: loadsky stars
          - press enter
          - close console (with tilde key)
          - The new sky textures will automagically be used

          Have fun,


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            seven thanks for your input i appreciate it

            i can get skyboxes to work - i have always put them inside gfx/env dir within the id1 dir (this is how i learned how to do it through information on the interweb)

            when you say create a textures dir, is this different than the env dir i have already established? in other words the env dir is my textures dir for skyboxes

            i wanted the non static set up - gives it a more realistic feel

            i will see if i can get the scrolling sky to work



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              from what i can see the animated version is only working on id1 maps. can't get it to work on 3rd party maps/including a map that i created and i am doing something wrong. strange indeed.


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                Hi EARP,

                Please pay attention to the file naming.
                As explained here, you have to name the replacement sky texture similar to the sky texture inside the bsp.

                If the sky in your custom map is called: "beautifulheaven", then you must name the replacement texture that way too
                You surely have noticed, the sky replacement textures you downloaded are called:
                - sky1
                - sky8

                That means, they cover all the original sky textures from id1 and many other maps.
                Because they are called exactly that way. In original Quake, one is more reddish, the other is more blueish.
                Just make copies of them and rename them to whatever you want/need.
                Tint them with your favorite texture editor to whatever color you like.
                Please find more variety replacement sky textures in the thread I linked in my 1st post.

                And yes, its really that simple

                Best wishes,


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                  Whatever I am doing wrong or whatever I am missing will be figured out when the light bulb comes on and it only has to do with dealing with the 2 texture scrolling sky scenario. I never liked the old parallax sky really I always wanted more than that. Put the sky in places where you can see it but it can't be visible from all points on the map.

                  QUAKE CODE

                  However, when it comes to mapping a level a lot of it is not one bit obvious especially when it comes to quake (the code to create the game that is now open source is broken and once you dive into it you realize why things do not work or work the way they do OR should work). We are talking about an untold number of frustration all because someone decided to basically walk away from even finishing the code that they started with, its a big mess as far as that goes.



                  I'm going to throw this example at you regarding my simple question about a scrolling sky (how easily confusion can be present). The skybox version that uses the 6 textures, which I figured out just by doing some research on the interweb long ago, I looked at all the examples and they are all the same - the mapper creates a sky texture named sky. In all these examples this texture had the word sky written on it. This texture is included in the wad file. However, the 6 textures (bk ft up dn lf rt) (the actual sky textures that will show up as a mappers sky) do not have to be named sky they can be named whatever you want them to be called dragonmoon etc... This alone would confuse any mapper trying to map for quake (confusion no 1).

                  I am above beginner mapper stage.


                  Another thing you said is that a mapper should take sky1 and sky8 and rename them to fit whatever they call their sky in a custom map, like your beautifulheaven. Ok, so the mapper goes and says wth ok let me see, let me change the sky texture that has sky written on it to beautifulheaven and replace it in map (confusion no 2). That will never work out and that mapper is going to be so confused beyond reason. For the 6 texture skybox to be used one must keep the sky texture named sky inside his wad file and placed correctly. Inside worldspawn, the key must be named sky as far as the way quake works it cannot be named anything else but sky.


                  The 6 textures that create this mappers sky do not have to be included in the wad file they are separately placed inside the id1 dir under gfx > env for environment (confusion no 3). When a mapper looks at other maps and they see this skybox effect, we know what they will do, they will spend years searching trying to find the textures used on that map, will they find them in the wad file? Hell no. They are not included as I stated above. This mapper will figure out how to extract the textures from this maps .bsp file but they still will not find the skybox textures used.


                  When a mapper takes textures from a map with a scrolling sky, they will only find one texture related to the sky, they will not see 2 textures for example sky1 and sky8 (not from my experience anyways). It does not matter if this is just a duplicate texture to make it all work - the 2nd texture is not present inside the wad file. The map I was interested in gmdm1, in its .bsp is sky8 there is no sky1, anyway confusion is most certainly going to set in because they will not be able to find a 2nd texture to fit the 2 texture mold. They most likely will not duplicate the texture either so it just leads to a circle of back and forth searching.

                  Of course as long as you have been around the game of quake and your title of Chthon here, surely you know about everything I have said. This is has nothing to do with me getting you to understand things you would already know, I just think what I said makes sense no matter anyone's status.


                  Attached you will find both, Moon[Drunk]īs and jeankīs textures.
                  Simply put the one you like into your ID1\textures folder.


                  They look really great in-game.
                  Have fun !

                  Kind Regards,

                  I attempted to download this texture pack and I was unable to download it. All I get is failed: network error when I tried it.

                  TO CONCLUDE

                  Quake has been one of my favorite games to play and I have played it for a long time (there are many good memories). I have done something wrong though as to why this scrolling sky isn't working on a custom test map of mine so I will have to go recheck what it is. Maybe it is a naming thing, it will be something dumb though rest assured.

                  Seven THANKS AGAIN for your response to my post I do appreciate it, wherever you are at take it easy.