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Looking for level design credits info of SoA/DoE

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  • Looking for level design credits info of SoA/DoE


    Can anyone tell me the detailed map design credits of both official expansion packs? (I mean, hip1m1 by A, r1m1 by B...)

    I know Levelord created 8 maps for SoA ( but other than that I cannot find the detailed information.

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    Just found the SoA level credits:

    start - Tom Mustaine
    hip1m1 - Tom Mustaine
    hip1m2 - Jim Dosé
    hip1m3 - Richard Gray
    hip1m4 - Richard Gray
    hip1m5 - Tom Mustaine, Mackey McCandlish
    hip2m1 - Tom Mustaine
    hip2m2 - Tom Mustaine
    hip2m3 - Richard Gray, Matt Hooper
    hip2m4 - Richard Gray
    hip2m5 - Richard Gray, Mike Wardwell
    hip2m6 - Tom Mustaine, Jimmy Sieben
    hip3m1 - Richard Gray
    hip3m2 - Tom Mustaine, Mike Wardwell
    hip3m3 - Tom Mustaine
    hip3m4 - Tom Mustaine
    hipend - Richard Gray
    hipdm1 - Richard Gray

    But still no luck for DoE level credits...
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      Jim Molinets is a Chicago-born game designer and a businessperson who co-founded Rogue Entertainment in 1994. He, along with Steve Tietze and Cameron Lamprecht, designed the levels for their Quake add-on: Dissolution of Eternity. At one point, Molinets worked for Sony Computer Entertainment, but...
      – Moon[Drunk]'s Quake Graphics
      – Quake Revitalization/Retexturing Project


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        Yep, I know 3 people of Rogue made maps for DoE (Jim Molinets, Steve Tietze, Cameron Lamprecht), but I'm looking for level design credits for each levels, one by one.

        Anyway, thanks for the reply.