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Can't get 100% kill in End level

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  • Can't get 100% kill in End level


    I just finished the enhanced version of Quake (2021), but I think there is a glitch in Shub-Niggurath's Pit. I can't get 100% kill count when I beat the level.
    -I played on Nightmare difficulty, but I'm pretty sure that this glitch also appears on every other skill levels.
    -This is the enhanced version, so there is no Rotfish count bug.

    According to Quake wiki's analysis(#), there are 20 monsters in total in this level (5 Rotfishes, 1 Scrag, 6 Vores, 7 Shamblers, and finally, Shub). Since I had managed to kill everything when I took this picture, that remaining 1 monster must be Shub-Niggurath itself.

    But whenever I telefrag Shub, I always get the result below.

    Yeah... that "Monsters" count is always fixed at 19/20, never raise to 20/20. I even tried to restart this level from scratch for several times, but no avail.

    Does anyone know how to fix or bypass this glitch?