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  • Facebook Quake1 Dev group

    I've created a group for Quake 1 development on facebook. I think it could easier and quicker access for me. I know func_msgboard and this site exist (remember a few years back i was messaging spike on triptohell), but I'd love to do questions/answers quickly, and be able to post/view on my phone (also get connected with other developers on fb). Requesting ericw, fitz, dumptruck_ds, seven007009, LordHavok, Spike and other geniuses out there - open to QC and engine programming.

    Currently, I'm working off of quakespasm, and will share my code for my own engine. I'm working on features like picture in picture scope, enhanced collision detection, entity decals support, dual wield, my own lighting scheme, stripped down code, (and anything else i can think of). The thing is though, i'm probably not going to release anything, but I'd love to share with others.

    Group is:

    I also have my own lighting engine (called Emblaze) which does realtime radiosity based indrect lighting (no ray-tracing) and works on lower end hardware too. I want to add it to to quake. earliest version of this tech:

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    I support this
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