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    Hi all, I hope everybody is having a nice time these days :]

    I had a quake mod using qbismS8 and I was modding it with a kind of old-timey Windows-looking like windows where I could see QuakeC, and using some tools to unpack paks and add my models there and what not.

    I was modding it over the years: I added 5 guns with different models and behaviors, I reskinned the grunt and created some map tiles and also a map to test it all out.

    Unfortunately when I went back to mod it a lil bit more this year I realized all the 3D models turned into blender cubes for some reason. After trying to solve that issue for days I don't think there's a way to un-corrupt those files. The modified QuakeC files and the reskins of grunts and zombies I still have thankfully.

    I'm not giving up: I want to redo it all with the newest Blender and try to get it to where I had it, but I would like to know what's the current stack to mod quake. I remember using trenchbroom and then drag and dropping some .exe files (vis I presume) to apply something related to light to the maps...that's crazy. There needs to be something more up to current standards. Where is the most up to date stack to modify Quake conveniently?

    What is preventing us from having a folder open with VS Code and running an .exe that compiles the modified QuakeC and then runs the game? It would be very nice to modify things in code and see the results in 10 sec minimum.

    Signed with heart,