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I would like to load Unreal (.unr) maps in Quake1(Darkplaces fork) maybe, found code

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  • I would like to load Unreal (.unr) maps in Quake1(Darkplaces fork) maybe, found code

    Would there be any possibility of using this ( ) to somehow get unreal levels to load on our opensource engine (It's in C, but it's very C++ like)? ( ) (darkplaces fork)
    I looked at the code and it looks insane daunting (your viewer), how did you make it?
    In our engine one just goes to model_brush.c adds a file handler, and then model_shared and points to that handler. But this one is so involved.

    It's like wheels within wheels and we'd never beable to ever adapt it.
    Since we don't have it in our head.

    The best we were able to do recently is get obj files working as proper maps.

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    I would like to load Unreal (.unr) maps in Quake1(Darkplaces fork) maybe, and I found opensource C++ code that loads and displays .unr maps, help?


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      Here is the opensource (GPL) Unreal level viewer code:


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        I used to be an Unreal97 / UT99 mapper. So I'm interested.
        Right now we can open as maps:
        Quake3, Quake1 (both built in to regular dp)
        Wolfenstine:Enemy Territory (and TrueCombatElite) (added by us)
        obj_from_mc obj_from_bz (object files exported from minetest (opensource block game), and bzflag) (obj_from_mc can be used for any .obj export form any 3d editor: so you can map on any 3d program you want to)

        We would like to do .unr too...


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          (darkplaces source code) when one edits the source code , to add a new model format, one just can edit:
          model_shared.c model_brush.c

          The file handler/loader code is put in model_brush.c (though some people when they make new file handlers make their own model_x.c file), and the code to tell it to go look there is put in model_shared.c

          Ex: in model_shared.c there is on line 568
          if (!strcasecmp(FS_FileExtension(mod->name), "obj")) Mod_OBJ_Load(mod, buf, bufend);

          And in model_brush.c there is the corrisponding on line 7524:

          void Mod_OBJ_Load(dp_model_t *mod, void *buffer, void *bufferend)


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            (2mb, our forked source code with the obj as map code (.obj_from_mc, .obj_from_bz (GPL))
            ./make nexuiz

            Screenshot from 2023-08-15 00-32-28.png
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              can anyone help our project?
              ( ) (darkplaces fork)

              We recently got obj model working as maps, including non-standard ones exported from bzflag.
              (name them .obj_from_mc or .obj_from_bz (if from minetest (bsd licensed) or bzflag).
              So adding new map formats is not impossible for us. We'd like to add unreal .unr map format.

              Screenshot from 2023-08-15 21-59-07.png