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Dear LeiLeiLol;

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  • Dear LeiLeiLol;

    Dear LeiLeiLol;

    We liked your 3d models. They were extremely hot and we wanted to fuck them into the fucking ground they were so fucking hot. We remeber Divverent had some fucking problem with them. Hot fucking models of the 3d realm, and KIND!


    Anyway... That is our feeling.
    We have heard you do programing too.
    Damn that must have been hard to make those models tho btw.
    We've only been able to do non-organic models like weapons.

    So... we've also been doin' some programming, for a time.
    As you have. Maybe for the same amount of time; 20 years or so.
    So ... you know leileileileileileilol ...
    You know...

    Well we've dun been doin some MAP format program
    fo DWARKPWAVCES..Quake1... our fork of it we forked 2012 or so time.
    We've ported things over yes. Over the years. Chose NOT to port some things over
    (like that thing that broke non-bone'd models if u didn't put bownes in dem)

    Listen leileileileileilol

    Anyway I'm treating you like I'd want to treat an eva here.

    So.. We _ALSO_ did our ... shiet you ain't neva gunna believe this
    our OWN coding; yep. We, long ago actually, dug into that engine.
    DUG IT OUT. You feeling me.

    And more recently we added a BSP map format that they didn't have:
    Wolfenstine Enemy Territory BSP format. Last year. Took a month: gives us 600 or so more maps to use.

    And the year before that we were doing some procedural QC map work, and then went into the engine and extended it to 4 million entities, backwards compatable to 16k if you enable it one way. So it can "just work" with your regular old clients and the old maps; and if you use a mega map with tons of entities.. well.. got you covered.

    So we're saying we aren't doing nothing.
    There are other things we coded too. And we did lots of 3d models of weapons, and buildings, and maps , and textures and stuff. 100s. Music too.
    Ok so we're not coming empty handed pie-in the sky.

    This year we did some things too. We noticed that if we exported an obj from minetest or bzflag it wouldn't work right as a map. Bzflag export wouldn't work at all, minetest was... worngly positioned... and both were scaled too small.
    And we thought the way of rescaling it, and doing the stuff in the bsp editor, was taking a 2 second process and making it take like a day.

    So we did some coding; and now as of a month ago you can simply export from minetest, rename the obj to obj_from_mc (map.obj_from_mc) and it will do the stuff correctly. Including correct scaling.

    We also added coloured directed fulllight.
    And also got the bzflag obj's working (map.obj_from_bz).
    Oh and we had to do other code to make them work as actual maps / worlds at all. Some extra code so the engine wouldn't crash.

    (We did it this way because we know regular obj is used for things inside the map, so these map world ones need to be seperated/different/ and not interfere with the settings of the others.)

    Anyway we didn't do nothing.
    Also we did 200 weapons and stuff.
    So... like everythings ready...

    And then we wanted .t3d map support; so we broke the ice on that and got the thing printing the vertex info. But then we got burned out looking at the long abyss that would be, for us, from start to finish with the .t3d format. It's an ascii format.

    So then someone mentioned your name. On the text forum.
    And I remebered you. And how you used to make those hot models of sex and fucking and have sex with the cute ... anime... girl... m..o.d.l.e.s, and how Divverent was against this because ... he didn't want his name assoicaited with sexy cute good looking female models of 3d ness.

    I liked your models.
    Can you help us with t3d. Please. PLEASE
    Someone mentioned you on the txt board.

    Edit: Oh and here's our coding project [ ]
    Edit2: Here is the source code [ ] (9mb zip C source code (GPL license))

    @leileilol (below: by leileilol )