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    Hi everyone. I've recently built a retro PC, running an AMD K6-2/300mhz and Windows 98. I've been digging up some old stuff for nostalgia's sake.
    I've never really been into map making, but I've always been curious about it, so I'm thinking of looking into it. Would anyone happen to know what software I should be looking at that runs on Win98? (Or WinXP as with the community made kernel extension some XP software can run on 98.)
    I'm thinking maybe some version of Worldcraft is my best bet here?
    Thanks Also if anybody else runs Quake on period hardware let me know if you have any other tips.

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    UnrealEditor + Unreal97 and UT99
    SimCity2000 + SCURK + StreetsOfSimCity + SimCopter
    Diablo 1.
    Where in the world is carmen sandiego.
    Dunengon Keeper II

    Maybe radiant might run. GTKRadiant build for win probably will run too.


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      Hi dada,
      If you want that old school quake map editor experience, you could take alook at Quark (see with which talented people like =peg= made some interesting maps back in the day, Jackhammer was also popular. I used Qoole for a while (see ) but to be honest although it was relatively straighforward to use I did found it VERY prone to crashing and taking a fair chunk of your work with it unless you save very regularly. These days though I believe a lot of the mappers use trenchbroom. If you need any guidance a very helpful player and talented mapper called dumptruck_ds has put up numerous Quake mapping videos on his youtube channel (see , come to think of it he did feature an episode where he used old quake tools to modify a level (see ) which may be of use to you. I hope this helps

      Kind regards
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